What’s New

This page lists the history of changes across stable Phobos releases and also all the stuff that requires modders to change something in their mods to accommodate.



You can use the migration utility (can be found on Phobos supplementaries repo) to apply most of the changes automatically using a corresponding sed script file.

From vanilla

  • Translucent RLE SHPs will now be drawn using a more precise and performant algorithm that has no green tint and banding. Can be disabled with rulesmd.ini->[General]->FixTransparencyBlitters=no.

  • Iron Curtain status is now preserved by default when converting between TechnoTypes via DeploysInto/UndeploysInto. This behavior can be turned off per-TechnoType and global basis using [SOMETECHNOTYPE]/[CombatDamage]->IronCurtain.KeptOnDeploy=no.

  • The obsolete [General] WarpIn has been enabled for the default anim type when technos are warping in. If you want to restore the vanilla behavior, use the same anim type as WarpOut.

  • Vehicles with Crusher=true + OmniCrusher=true / MovementZone=CrusherAll were hardcoded to tilt when crushing vehicles / walls respectively. This now obeys TiltsWhenCrushes but can be customized individually for these two scenarios using TiltsWhenCrusher.Vehicles and TiltsWhenCrusher.Overlays, which both default to TiltsWhenCrushes.

From older Phobos versions

From post-0.3 devbuilds

  • ExtraWarheads.DamageOverrides now falls back to last listed value if list is shorter than ExtraWarheads for all Warhead detonations exceeding the length.

  • Air and Top layer contents are no longer sorted, animations in these layers no longer respect YSortAdjust. Animations attached to flying units now get their layer updated immediately after parent unit, if they are on same layer they will draw above the parent unit.

  • AnimList.ShowOnZeroDamage has been renamed to CreateAnimsOnZeroDamage to make it more clear it applies to both AnimList and splash animations.

  • INI inclusion and inheritance are now turned off by default and need to be turned on via command line flags -Include and -Inheritance.

  • Level=true projectiles no longer attempt to do reposition against targets that are behind non-water tiles by default. Use SubjectToLand=true to re-enable this behaviour.

From 0.3

  • Trajectory=Straight projectiles can now snap on targets within 0.5 cells from their detonation point, this distance can be customized via Trajectory.Straight.TargetSnapDistance.

  • LaunchSW.RealLaunch=false now checks if firing house has enough credits to satisfy SW’s Money.Amount in order to be fired.

  • CreateUnit now creates the units by default at animation’s height (even if CreateUnit.ConsiderPathfinding is enabled) instead of always at ground level. This behaviour can be restored by setting CreateUnit.AlwaysSpawnOnGround to true.

  • Phobos-introduced attack scripts now consider potential target’s current map zone when evaluating targets. TargetZoneScanType can be used to customize this behaviour.

  • Artillary, ICBMLauncher, TickTank or SensorArray no longer affect whether or not building is considered as vehicle for AI attack scripts. Use ConsideredVehicle instead on buildings that do not have both UndeploysInto set and Foundation=1x1.

  • PassengerDeletion.SoylentFriendlies has been replaced by PassengerDeletion.SoylentAllowedHouses. Current default value of PassengerDeletion.SoylentAllowedHouses=enemies matches the previous default behaviour with PassengerDeletion.SoylentFriendlies=false.

  • Grinding.DisplayRefund is changed to DisplayIncome, Grinding.DisplayRefund.Houses is changed to DisplayIncome.Houses, Grinding.DisplayRefund.Offset is changed to DisplayIncome.Offset

  • [JumpjetControls]->AllowLayerDeviation and JumpjetAllowLayerDeviation have been deprecated as the animation layering issues have been properly fixed by default now.

  • [JumpjetControls]->TurnToTarget and JumpjetTurnToTarget are obsolete. Jumpjet units who fire OmniFire=no weapons always turn to targets as other units do.

  • Buildings delivered by trigger action 125 will now always play buildup anim as long as it exists. [ParamTypes]->53 is deprecated.

  • Shadow for debris & meteor animations is changed to ExtraShadow.

From pre-0.3 devbuilds

  • Trajectory.Speed is now defined on projectile instead of weapon.

  • Gravity=0 is not supported anymore as it will cause the projectile to fly backwards and be unable to hit the target which is not at the same height. Use Straight Trajectory instead. See here.

  • Automatic self-destruction logic logic has been reimplemented, Death.NoAmmo, Death.Countdown and Death.Peaceful tags have been remade/renamed and require adjustments to function.

  • DetachedFromOwner on weapons is deprecated. This has been replaced by AllowDamageOnSelf on warheads.

  • Timed jump script actions now take the time measured in ingame seconds instead of frames. Divide your value by 15 to accommodate to this change.

  • Placement Preview logic has been adjusted, BuildingPlacementPreview.DefaultTranslucentLevel, BuildingPlacementGrid.TranslucentLevel, PlacementPreview.Show, PlacementPreview.TranslucentLevel and ShowBuildingPlacementPreview tags have been remade/renamed and require adjustments to function. In addition, you must explicitly enable this feature by specifying [AudioVisual]->PlacementPreview=yes.

  • Existing script actions were renumbered, please use the migration utility to change the numbers to the correct ones.

  • DiskLaser.Radius values were misinterpreted by a factor of 1/2π. The default radius is now 240, please multiply your customized radii by 2π.


  • Keys rulesmd.ini->[SOMEWARHEAD]->PenetratesShield and rulesmd.ini->[SOMEWARHEAD]->BreaksShield have been changed to Shield.Penetrate and Shield.Break, respectively.

  • Rad.NoOwner on weapons is deprecated. This has been replaced by RadHasOwner key on radiation types itself. It also defaults to no, so radiation once again has no owner house by default.

  • RadApplicationDelay and RadApplicationDelay.Building on custom radiation types are now only used if [Radiation] -> UseGlobalRadApplicationDelay is explicitly set to false, otherwise values from [Radiation] are used.

  • Existing script actions were renumbered, please use the migration utility to change the numbers to the correct ones.

From 0.1.1

  • Key rulesmd.ini->[SOMETECHNOTYPE]->Deployed.RememberTarget is deprecated and can be removed now, the bugfix for DeployToFire deployers is now always on.

New user settings in RA2MD.ini

  • These are new user setting keys added by various features in Phobos. Most of them can be found in either in user inteface or miscellaneous sections. Search functionality can be used to find them quickly if needed.

CampaignDefaultGameSpeed=4       ; integer
ShowBriefing=true                ; boolean
DigitalDisplay.Enable=false      ; boolean
ShowDesignatorRange=false        ; boolean
PrioritySelectionFiltering=true  ; boolean
ShowPlacementPreview=yes         ; boolean
RealTimeTimers=false             ; boolean
RealTimeTimers.Adaptive=false    ; boolean
ToolTipDescriptions=true         ; boolean
ToolTipBlur=false                ; boolean
SaveGameOnScenarioStart=true     ; boolean

For Map Editor (Final Alert 2)

Click to show

In FAData.ini:


54=Use GlobalVar,10
56=Variable index,0
57=Lower bound,0
58=Upper bound,0
59=Operate var is global,10
60=Operate var index,0
65=Campaign AI Repairable,0

500=Local variable is greater than,48,6,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,500,1
501=Local variable is less than,48,6,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,501,1
502=Local variable equals to,48,6,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,502,1
503=Local variable is greater than or equals to,48,6,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,503,1
504=Local variable is less than or equals,48,6,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,504,1
505=Local variable and X is true,48,6,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,505,1
506=Global variable is greater than,48,6,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,506,1
507=Global variable is less than,48,6,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,507,1
508=Global variable equals to,48,6,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,508,1
509=Global variable is greater than or queals to,48,6,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,509,1
510=Global variable is less than or equals to,48,6,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,510,1
511=Global variable and X is true,48,6,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,511,1
512=Local variable is greater than local variable,48,3,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,500,1
513=Local variable is less than local variable,48,3,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,501,1
514=Local variable equals to local variable,48,3,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,502,1
515=Local variable is greater than or equals to local variable,48,3,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,503,1
516=Local variable is less than or equals local variable,48,3,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,504,1
517=Local variable and local variable is true,48,3,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,505,1
518=Global variable is greater than local variable,48,3,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,506,1
519=Global variable is less than local variable,48,3,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,507,1
520=Global variable equals to local variable,48,3,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,508,1
521=Global variable is greater than or queals to local variable,48,3,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,509,1
522=Global variable is less than or equals to local variable,48,3,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,510,1
523=Global variable and local variable is true,48,3,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,511,1
524=Local variable is greater than global variable,48,35,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,500,1
525=Local variable is less than global variable,48,35,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,501,1
526=Local variable equals to global variable,48,35,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,502,1
527=Local variable is greater than or equals to global variable,48,35,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,503,1
528=Local variable is less than or equals global variable,48,35,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,504,1
529=Local variable and global variable is true,48,35,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,505,1
530=Global variable is greater than global variable,48,35,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,506,1
531=Global variable is less than global variable,48,35,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,507,1
532=Global variable equals to global variable,48,35,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,508,1
533=Global variable is greater than or queals to global variable,48,35,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,509,1
534=Global variable is less than or equals to global variable,48,35,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,510,1
535=Global variable and global variable is true,48,35,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,511,1
600=Shield of the attached object is broken,0,0,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,600,1
601=House owns Techno Type,68,46,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,601,1
602=House doesn't own Techno Type,68,46,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,602,1

125=Build at...,-10,47,0,65,0,0,1,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,125
500=Save game,-4,13,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,500,1
501=Edit variable,0,56,55,6,54,0,0,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,501,1
502=Generate random number,0,56,57,58,54,0,0,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,502,1
503=Print variable value,0,56,54,0,0,0,0,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,503,0
504=Binary operation,0,56,55,60,54,59,0,0,0,[LONG DESC],0,1,504,1
505=Fire Super Weapon at specified location (Phobos),0,0,20,2,21,22,0,0,0,Launch a Super Weapon from [SuperWeaponTypes] list at a specified location. House=-1 means random target that isn't neutral. House=-2 means the first neutral house. House=-3 means random human target. Coordinate X=-1 means random. Coordinate Y=-1 means random,0,1,505
506=Fire Super Weapon at specified waypoint (Phobos),0,0,20,2,30,0,0,0,0,Launch a Super Weapon from [SuperWeaponTypes] list at a specified waypoint. House=-1 means random target that isn't neutral. House=-2 means the first neutral house. House=-3 means random human target. Coordinate X=-1 means random. Coordinate Y=-1 means random,0,1,506
510=Toggle MCV Redeployablility (Phobos),0,0,15,0,0,0,0,0,0, Set MCVRedeploys to the given value,0,1,510










10100=Timed Area Guard,20,0,1,[LONG DESC]
10101=Wait until ammo is full,0,0,1,[LONG DESC]
10102=Regroup Temporarily Around the Team Leader,20,0,1,[LONG DESC]
10103=Load Onto Transports,0,0,1,[LONG DESC]
10104=Chronoshift to Enemy Base,20,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18000=Local variable set,22,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18001=Local variable add,22,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18002=Local variable minus,22,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18003=Local variable multiply,22,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18004=Local variable divide,22,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18005=Local variable mod,22,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18006=Local variable leftshift,22,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18007=Local variable rightshift,22,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18008=Local variable reverse,22,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18009=Local variable xor,22,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18010=Local variable or,22,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18011=Local variable and,22,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18012=Global variable set,23,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18013=Global variable add,23,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18014=Global variable minus,23,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18015=Global variable multiply,23,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18016=Global variable divide,23,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18017=Global variable mod,23,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18018=Global variable leftshift,23,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18019=Global variable rightshift,23,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18020=Global variable reverse,23,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18021=Global variable xor,23,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18022=Global variable or,23,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18023=Global variable and,23,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18024=Local variable set by local variable,24,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18025=Local variable add by local variable,24,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18026=Local variable minus by local variable,24,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18027=Local variable multiply by local variable,24,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18028=Local variable divide by local variable,24,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18029=Local variable mod by local variable,24,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18030=Local variable leftshift by local variable,24,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18031=Local variable rightshift by local variable,24,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18032=Local variable reverse by local variable,24,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18033=Local variable xor by local variable,24,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18034=Local variable or by local variable,24,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18035=Local variable and by local variable,24,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18036=Global variable set by local variable,25,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18037=Global variable add by local variable,25,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18038=Global variable minus by local variable,25,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18039=Global variable multiply by local variable,25,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18040=Global variable divide by local variable,25,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18041=Global variable mod by local variable,25,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18042=Global variable leftshift by local variable,25,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18043=Global variable rightshift by local variable,25,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18044=Global variable reverse by local variable,25,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18045=Global variable xor by local variable,25,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18046=Global variable or by local variable,25,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18047=Global variable and by local variable,25,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18048=Local variable set by global variable,26,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18049=Local variable add by global variable,26,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18050=Local variable minus by global variable,26,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18051=Local variable multiply by global variable,26,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18052=Local variable divide by global variable,26,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18053=Local variable mod by global variable,26,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18054=Local variable leftshift by global variable,26,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18055=Local variable rightshift by global variable,26,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18056=Local variable reverse by global variable,26,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18057=Local variable xor by global variable,26,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18058=Local variable or by global variable,26,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18059=Local variable and by global variable,26,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18060=Global variable set by global variable,27,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18061=Global variable add by global variable,27,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18062=Global variable minus by global variable,27,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18063=Global variable multiply by global variable,27,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18064=Global variable divide by global variable,27,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18065=Global variable mod by global variable,27,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18066=Global variable leftshift by global variable,27,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18067=Global variable rightshift by global variable,27,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18068=Global variable reverse by global variable,27,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18069=Global variable xor by global variable,27,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18070=Global variable or by global variable,27,0,1,[LONG DESC]
18071=Global variable and by global variable,27,0,1,[LONG DESC]

22=Local variables,-1
23=Global variables,-2
24=Local variables,-3
25=Local variables,-4
26=Global variables,-5
27=Global variables,-6


Version TBD (develop branch nightly builds)

Click to show


  • Crit.AffectsHouses for critical hit system (by Starkku)

  • Warhead or weapon detonation at superweapon target cell (by Starkku)

  • Super Weapons launching other Super Weapons (by Morton)

  • Launching Super Weapons on building infiltration (by Morton)

  • Building airstrike target eligibility customization (by Starkku)

  • IvanBomb detonation & image display centered on buildings (by Starkku)

  • Forcing specific weapon against cloaked or disguised targets (by Starkku)

  • Customizable ROF random delay (by Starkku)

  • Animation with Tiled=yes now supports CustomPalette (by ststl)

  • Toggleable DieSound when grinding (by Trsdy)

  • Shields can inherit Techno ArmorType (by Starkku)

  • Income money flying-string display when harvesters or slaves are docking to refineries (by Trsdy)

  • Allow random crates to be generated only on lands (by Trsdy)

  • Iron-curtain effects on infantries and organic units (by ststl)

  • Custom SlavesFreeSound (by TwinkleStar)

  • Allows jumpjet to crash without rotation (by TwinkleStar)

  • Customizable priority of superweapons timer sorting(by ststl)

  • Customizable aircraft spawner spawn delay (by Starkku)

  • Customizable Cluster scatter distance (by Starkku)

  • Customizable FlakScatter distance (by Starkku)

  • Customizable debris & meteor impact and warhead detonation behaviour (by Starkku, Otamaa)

  • Custom warhead debris animations (by Starkku)

  • Multiple burst shots / burst delay within infantry firing sequence (by Starkku)

  • Attached particle system for animations (by Starkku)

  • Removal of hardcoded AA & Gattling weapon selection restrictions (by Starkku)

  • Projectile SubjectToLand/Water (by Starkku)

  • Real time timers (by Morton)

  • Default campaign game speed override and custom campaign game speed FPS (by Morton)

  • Trigger actions that allow/forbid MCV to redeploy in game (by Trsdy)

  • AnimList on zero damage Warheads toggle via AnimList.ShowOnZeroDamage (by Starkku)

  • Including INI files and inheriting INI sections (by Morton)

  • Additions to automatic passenger deletion (by Starkku)

  • Buildings considered as vehicles (by Starkku)

  • TechnoType target evaluation map zone check behaviour customization (by Starkku)

  • CanC4=false building zero damage toggle (by Starkku)

  • OpenTopped transport target sharing customization (by Starkku)

  • Vanish animation for AutoDeath.Behavior=vanish (by Starkku)

  • AAOnly for projectiles (by Starkku)

  • CreateUnit improvements & additions (units spawning in air, spawn animation) (by Starkku)

  • Option to center pause menu background (by Starkku)

  • LaunchSW.DisplayMoney (by Starkku)

  • Disguise logic improvements (by Starkku)

  • Custom insignias (by Starkku)

  • Upgrade logic to allow altering of SpySat status (by Otamaa)

  • Allow ZShapePointMove to apply during buildup via ZShapePointMove.OnBuildup (by Starkku)

  • UndeploysInto building selling buildup sequence length customization (by Starkku)

  • Allow overriding Shield.AffectTypes for each Warhead shield interaction (by Starkku)

  • TechnoType conversion warhead & superweapon (by Morton)

  • TechnoType conversion on ownership change (by Trsdy)

  • Unlimited skirmish colors (by Morton)

  • Example custom locomotor that circles around the target (NOTE: For developer use only) (by Kerbiter, CCHyper, with help from Otamaa; based on earlier experiment by CnCVK)

  • Vehicle voxel turret shadows & body multi-section shadows (by TwinkleStar & Trsdy)

  • Crushing tilt and slowdown customization (by Starkku)

  • Extra warhead detonations on weapon (by Starkku)

  • Chrono sparkle animation display customization and improvements (by Starkku)

  • Script action to Chronoshift teams to enemy base (by Starkku)

  • Customizable ElectricBolt Arcs (by Fryone, Kerbiter)

  • Digital display of HP and SP (by ststl, FlyStar, Saigyouji, JunJacobYoung)

  • PipScale pip customizations (size, ammo / spawn / tiberium frames or offsets) (by Starkku)

  • Auto-deploy/Deploy block on ammo change (by Fryone)

  • AltPalette lighting toggle (by Starkku)

  • Unhardcoded timer blinking color scheme (by Starkku)

  • Customizing shield self-healing timer restart when shield is damaged (by Starkku)

  • Customizing minimum & maximum amount of damage shield can take from a single hit (by Starkku)

  • Players can now be given ownership of preplaced buildings in Skirmish and Multiplayer in maps using houses of the format <Player @ X> where X goes from A to H for spawn positions 1-8 (by ZivDero)

  • AutoDeath.Technos(Dont)Exist can optionally track limboed (not physically on map, e.g transports etc) technos (by Starkku)

  • Wall overlay Palette support (by Starkku)

  • Show designator & inhibitor range (by Morton)

  • Owner-only sound on unit creation (by Fryone)

  • Allow using Secondary weapon against walls if Primary cannot target them (by Starkku)

  • Reloading ammo in transports (by Starkku)

  • Dump variables to file on scenario end / hotkey (by Morton)

  • “House owns TechnoType” and “House doesn’t own TechnoType” trigger events

  • Allow toggling Infantry/UnitsGainSelfHeal for MultiplayPassive=true houses (by Starkku)

  • Customizable straight trajectory detonation & snap distance and pass-through option (by Starkku)

  • Airstrike & spy plane fixed spawn distance & height (by Starkku)

  • Allow enabling application of Verses and PercentAtMax for negative damage (by Starkku)

  • In addition to PlacementGrid.Translucency, allow to set the transparency of the grid when PlacementPreview is enabled, using the PlacementGrid.TranslucencyWithPreview tag (by Belonit).

  • Show briefing screen on singleplayer mission start (by Starkku)

  • Allow setting mission par times and related messages in missionmd.ini (by Starkku)

  • Allow setting default singleplayer map loading screen and briefing offsets (by Starkku)

  • Allow toggling whether or not fire particle systems adjust target coordinates when firer rotates (by Starkku)

  • AmbientDamage warhead & main target ignore customization (by Starkku)

  • Flashing Technos on selecting (by Fryone)

  • Customizable DropPod properties on a per-InfantryType basis (by Trsdy)

  • Projectile return weapon (by Starkku)

  • Allow customizing aircraft landing direction per aircraft or per dock (by Starkku)

  • Allow animations to play sounds detached from audio event handler (by Starkku)

  • Game save option when starting campaigns (by Trsdy)

  • Carryall pickup voice (by Starkku)

  • Option to have Grinding.Weapon require accumulated credits from grinding (by Starkku)

  • Re-enable the Veinhole Monster and Weeds from TS (by ZivDero)

  • Recreate the weed-charging of SWs like the TS Chemical Missile (by ZivDero)

  • Allow to change the speed of gas particles (by ZivDero)

  • Allow upgrade animations to use Powered & PoweredLight/Effect/Special keys (by Starkku)

  • Toggle for Explodes=true BuildingTypes to not explode during buildup or being sold (by Starkku)

  • Toggleable height-based shadow scaling for voxel air units (by Trsdy & Starkku)

Vanilla fixes:

  • Allow AI to repair structures built from base nodes/trigger action 125/SW delivery in single player missions (by Trsdy)

  • Allow usage of AlternateFLH%d of vehicles in OpenTopped transport. (by Trsdy)

  • Improved the statistic distribution of the spawned crates over the visible area of the map. (by Trsdy, based on TwinkleStar’s work)

  • Teams spawned by trigger action 7,80,107 can use IFV and OpenTopped logic normally (by Trsdy)

  • Prevented units from retaining previous order after ownership change (by Trsdy)

  • Break the mind-control link when capturing a mind-controlled building with an engineer (by Trsdy)

  • Fixed BibShape drawing for a couple of frames during buildup for buildings with long buildup animations (by Starkku)

  • Cloaked & disguised objects displaying to observers (by Starkku)

  • Cloaked objects from allies displaying to player in single player missions (by Trsdy)

  • Skip NaturalParticleSystem displaying from in-map pre-placed structures (by Trsdy)

  • Made sure that Suicide=yes weapon does kill the firer (by Trsdy)

  • Made sure that vxl units being flipped over get killed instead of rotating up and down (by Trsdy)

  • Allow jumpjet units to visually tilt or be flipped over on the ground even if TiltCrashJumpjet=no (by Trsdy)

  • Fixed the range for number of debris spawned by Warhead to use MaxDebris instead of MaxDebris - 1 (by Starkku)

  • Fixed LandTargeting=1 not preventing from targeting TerrainTypes (trees etc.) on land (by Starkku)

  • Fixed NavalTargeting=6 not preventing from targeting empty water cells or TerrainTypes (trees etc.) on water (by Starkku)

  • Fixed NavalTargeting=7 and/or LandTargeting=2 resulting in still targeting TerrainTypes (trees etc.) on land with Primary weapon (by Starkku)

  • Fixed an issue that causes objects in layers outside ground layer to not be sorted correctly (caused issues with animation and jumpjet layering for an instance) (by Starkku)

  • Restored EVA_StructureSold for buildings with UndeploysInto (by Trsdy)

  • Allow MCV to redeploy in campaigns (by Trsdy)

  • Allow buildings with UndeploysInto to be sold if Unsellable=no but ConstructionYard=no (by Trsdy)

  • Fixed infantry without C4=true being killed in water if paradropped, chronoshifted etc. even if they can normally enter water (by Starkku)

  • Fixed WaterBound=true buildings with UndeploysInto not correctly setting the location for the vehicle to move into when undeployed (by Starkku)

  • Allow more than 5 AlternateFLH entries for units (by ststl)

  • Buildings with CanC4=false will no longer take 1 point of positive damage if hit by negative damage (by Starkku)

  • Buildings with primary weapon that has AG=false projectile now have attack cursor when selected (by Starkku)

  • Transports with OpenTopped=true and weapon that has Burst above 1 and passengers firing out no longer have the passenger firing offset shift lateral position based on burst index (by Starkku)

  • Light tint created by a building is now able to be removed after loading the game (by Trsdy)

  • Prevented crashing jumpjet units from firing (by Trsdy)

  • Fixed disguised infantry not using custom palette for drawing the disguise when needed (by Starkku)

  • Reenabled the obsolete [General] WarpIn as default anim type when units are warping in (by Trsdy)

  • Fixed permanent health bar display for units targeted by temporal weapons upon mouse hover (by Trsdy)

  • Buildings with superweapons no longer display SuperAnimThree at beginning of match if pre-placed on the map (by Starkku)

  • AI players can now build Naval=true and Naval=false vehicles concurrently like human players do (by Starkku)

  • Fixed the bug when jumpjets were snapping into facing bottom-right when starting movement (by Kerbiter)

  • Suppressed the BuildingCaptured EVA events when capturing a building considered as a vehicle (by Trsdy)

  • Objects with Palette set now have their color tint adjusted accordingly by superweapons, map retint actions etc. if they belong to a house using any color scheme instead of only those from the first half of [Colors] list (by Starkku)

  • Animations using AltPalette are now remapped to their owner’s color scheme instead of first listed color scheme and no longer draw over shroud (by Starkku)

  • Fixed DeployToFire not considering building placement rules for DeploysInto buildings and as a result not working properly with WaterBound buildings (by Starkku)

  • Fixed DeployToFire not recalculating firer’s position on land if it cannot currently deploy (by Starkku)

  • Arcing=true projectile elevation inaccuracy can now be fixed by setting Arcing.AllowElevationInaccuracy=false (by Starkku)

  • EMPulseCannon=yes building weapons now respect Floater and Phobos-added Gravity setting (by Starkku)

  • Fixed position and layer of info tip and reveal production cameo on selected building (by Belonit)

  • Fixed TurretOffset to be supported for SHP vehicles (by TwinkleStar)

  • Powered/PoweredSpecial buildings’ powered anims will update as usual when being captured by enemies (by Trsdy)

  • Fixed a glitch related to incorrect target setting for missiles (by Belonit)

  • Skipped parsing [Header] section of compaign maps which led to occasional crashes on Linux (by Trsdy)

  • Fixed units’ turret rotation and jumpjet wobble under EMP (by Trsdy)

  • Fixed AmbientDamage when used with IsRailgun=yes being cut off by elevation changes (by Starkku)

  • Fixed railgun and fire particles being cut off by elevation changes (by Starkku)

  • Fixed teleport units’ frozen-still timer being reset after load game (by Trsdy)

  • Fixed teleport units being unable to visually tilt on slopes (by Trsdy)

  • Fixed teleport and drill units being unable to be visually flipped (by Trsdy)

  • Aircraft docking on buildings now respect [AudioVisual]->PoseDir as the default setting and do not always land facing north or in case of pre-placed buildings, the building’s direction (by Starkku)

  • Spawned aircraft now align with the spawner’s facing when landing (by Starkku)

  • Fixed infantries attempted to entering buildings when waypointing together with engineer/agent/occupier/etc (by Trsdy)

  • Fixed jumpjet crash speed when crashing onto buildings (by NetsuNegi)

Phobos fixes:

  • Fixed a few errors of calling for superweapon launch by LaunchSW or building infiltration (by Trsdy)

  • Add ImmuneToCrit for shields (by Trsdy)

  • Reimplemented the bugfix for jumpjet units’ facing when firing, discard the inappropriate JumpjetTurnToTarget tag (by Trsdy)

  • Gunner=true transports now correctly change turret if a passenger is removed by PassengerDeletion (by Starkku)

  • PassengerDeletion.Soylent now correctly calculates refund value if removed passenger has no explicitly set Soylent value (by Starkku)

  • Superweapon Detonate.Weapon & Detonate.Warhead now use the firing house to deal damage and apply Phobos warhead effects even if no firing building is found (by Starkku)

  • CreateUnit now uses civilian house as owner instead if the intended owner house has been defeated (this is in-line with how MakeInfantry works) (by Starkku)

  • IsHouseColor laser trails on techno now correctly change color when it changes owner (by Trsdy)

  • Fixed Layer.UseObjectLayer=true to work correctly for all cases where object changes layer (by Starkku)

  • Fixed DetonateOnAllMapObjects.RequireVerses not considering shield armor types (by Starkku)

  • Fixed new Phobos script actions not picking team leader correctly based on LeadershipRating (by Starkku)

  • Fixed an issue with Gunner=true vehicles not correctly using the first passenger’s mode with multiple passengers inside (by Starkku)

  • Used MindControl.Anim for buildings deployed from mind-controlled vehicles (by Trsdy)

  • Optimized extension class implementation, should improve performance all around (by Otamaa & Starkku)

  • Fixed Interceptor not resetting target if the intercepted projectile changes type to non-interceptable one afterwards (by Starkku)

  • Fixed PlacementPreview setting for BuildingTypes not being parsed from INI (by Starkku)

  • Fixed Phobos animation additions that support CreateUnit.Owner not also checking MakeInfantryOwner (by Starkku)

  • Fixed AutoDeath to consider all conditions for objects in limbo (by Starkku)

  • Shields will no longer take damage if the parent techno has Immune=true or has TypeImmune=true and the damage comes from instance of same TechnoType owned by same house (by Starkku)

  • Fixed interceptors causing multiplayer games to desync (by Starkku)

  • Optimized performance for map trigger retint action light source fix (by Starkku)

  • Fixed a number of issues with Warhead Shield respawn / self heal rate modifiers like timers getting reset unnecessarily, the timer being adjusted wrong after the Warhead effect runs out etc. (by Starkku)

  • Fixed a problem with disguise visibility logic that could cause game to crash on loading a map (by Starkku)

  • Fixed owned LimboDelivery buildings not being saved correctly in savegames (by Starkku)

  • Fixed a typo in weapon selector code causing issues with NoAmmoWeapon and related checks (by Starkku)

  • Fixed DetonateOnAllMapObjects behaving erratically or potentially crashing if it destroys buildings using Ares’ advanced rubble (by Starkku)

  • Fixed game crashing on loading save games if the saved game state had active radiation sites (by Starkku)

  • Fixed a desync error caused by air/top layer sorting (by Starkku)

  • Fixed heal / repair weapons being unable to remove parasites from shielded targets if they were unable to heal / repair the parent unit (by Starkku)

  • Fixed Inviso=true interceptor projectiles applying damage on interceptable, armor type-having projectiles twice (by Starkku)

  • Fixed AutoDeath causing crashes when used to kill a parasite unit inside an another unit (by Starkku)

Fixes / interactions with other extensions:

  • All forms of type conversion (including Ares’) now correctly update OpenTopped state of passengers in transport that is converted (by Starkku)

  • Fixed an issue introduced by Ares that caused Grinding=true building ActiveAnim to be incorrectly restored while SpecialAnim was playing and the building was sold, erased or destroyed (by Starkku)

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  • Additional sync logging in case of desync errors occuring (by Starkku)

Phobos fixes:

  • AutoDeath support for objects in limbo (by Trsdy)

  • Buildings sold by AutoDeath no longer play a click sound effect (by Trsdy)

  • Fixed shield animation being hidden while underground or in tunnels fix not working correctly (by Starkku)

  • Restore the MindClearedSound when deploying a mind-controlled unit into a building loses the mind-control (by Trsdy)

  • Fixed RadSiteWarhead.Detonate not detonating precisely on the affected object (thus requiring CellSpread) (by Starkku)

  • Fixed script action 10103 ‘Load Into Transports’ unintentionally skipping next action (by FS-21)

  • Changed mission retry dialog button order to better match old order people are used to (by Trsdy)

  • Allow PowerPlant Enhancer to be affected by EMP (by Trsdy)

  • Animation Weapon with Damage.DealtByInvoker=true now uses the invoker’s house to deal damage and apply Phobos warhead effects even if invoker is dead when weapon is fired (by Starkku)

  • Fixed a crash when trying to create radiation outside map bounds (by Otamaa)

  • Fixed new AI attack scripts not allowing zero damage weapons to pick targets (by Starkku)

  • Fixed floating point value parsing precision to match the game (by Starkku)

  • Power output / drain should now correctly be applied for buildings created via LimboDelivery in campaigns (by Starkku)

  • Fixed shield health bar showing empty bar when shield is still on very low health instead of depleted (by Starkku)

  • Fixed CanTarget not considering objects on bridges when checking if cell is empty (by Starkku)

  • Fixed vehicle deploy weapons not working if the unit is cloaked and weapon has DecloakToFire=true (by NetsuNegi & Starkku)

  • Fixed IsAnimated terrain not updating correctly in all circumstances (by Starkku)

  • Fixed CreateUnit interaction with bridges (spawning under when shouldn’t etc) (by Starkku)

  • CanTarget now considers bridges as land like game’s normal weapon selection does (by Starkku)

  • AreaFire.Target now takes cells with bridges into consideration depending on firer’s elevation (by Starkku)


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  • LaserTrails initial implementation (by Kerbiter, ChrisLv_CN)

  • Anim-to-Unit logic and ability to randomize DestroyAnim (by Otamaa)

  • Shield modification warheads (by Starkku)

  • Shield BreakWeapon & InitialStrength (by Starkku)

  • Initial Strength for TechnoTypes (by Uranusian)

  • Re-enable obsolete JumpjetControls for TechnoTypes’ default Jumpjet properties (by Uranusian)

  • Weapon targeting filter (by Uranusian, Starkku)

  • Secondary weapon fallback customization (by Starkku)

  • Burst-specific FLHs for TechnoTypes (by Starkku)

  • Burst delays for weapons (by Starkku)

  • AreaFire weapon target customization (by Starkku)

  • Auto-firing TechnoType weapons (by Starkku)

  • PowerPlant Enhancer (by secsome)

  • Unlimited Global / Local Variables (by secsome)

  • Adds a “Load Game” button to the retry dialog on mission failure (by secsome)

  • Default disguise for individual InfantryTypes (by secsome)

  • Quicksave hotkey command (by secsome)

  • Save Game trigger action (by secsome)

  • Numeric Variables (by secsome)

  • TechnoType’s tooltip would display it’s build time now (by secsome)

  • Customizable tooltip background color and opacity (by secsome)

  • FrameByFrame & FrameStep hotkey command (by secsome)

  • Allow NotHuman=yes infantry to use random Death anim sequence (by Otamaa)

  • Ability for warheads to trigger specific NotHuman=yes infantry Death anim sequence (by Otamaa)

  • XDrawOffset for animations (by Morton)

  • Customizable OpenTopped properties (by Otamaa)

  • Automatic Passenger Deletion (by FS-21)

  • Script actions for new AI attacks (by FS-21)

  • Script actions for modifying AI Trigger Current Weight (by FS-21)

  • Script action for waiting & repeat the same new AI attack if no target was found (by FS-21)

  • Script action that modifies the Team’s Trigger Weight when ends the new attack action (by FS-21)

  • Script action for picking a random script from a list (by FS-21)

  • Script action for new AI movements towards certain objects (by FS-21)

  • Script action that modify target distance in the new move actions (by FS-21)

  • Script action that modify how ends the new move actions (by FS-21)

  • Script action that un-register Team success (by FS-21)

  • Script action to regroup temporarily around the Team Leader (by FS-21)

  • Script action to randomly skip next action (by FS-21)

  • Script action for timed script action jumps (by FS-21)

  • ObjectInfo now shows current Target and AI Trigger data (by FS-21)

  • Shield absorption and passthrough customization (by Morton)

  • Limbo Delivery of buildings (by Morton)

  • Ore stage threshold for HideIfNoOre (by Otamaa)

  • Image reading in art rules for all TechnoTypes (by Morton)

  • Attached animation layer customization (by Starkku)

  • Jumpjet unit layer deviation customization (by Starkku)

  • IsSimpleDeployer deploy direction & animation customizations (by Starkku)

  • Customizable projectile gravity (by secsome)

  • Gates can now link with walls correctly via NSGates or EWGates (by Uranusian)

  • Per-warhead toggle for decloak of damaged targets (by Starkku)

  • DeployFireWeapon=-1 now allows the deployed infantries using both weapons as undeployed (by Uranusian)

  • Power delta (surplus) counter for sidebar (by Morton)

  • Added Production and Money to Dump Object Info command (by FS-21)

  • EnemyUIName= Now also works for other TechnoTypes (by Otamaa)

  • DestroyAnim & DestroySound for TerrainTypes (by Otamaa)

  • Weapons fired on warping in / out (by Starkku)

  • Storage.TiberiumIndex for customizing resource storage in structures (by FS-21)

  • Grinder improvements & customizations (by Starkku)

  • Attached animation position customization (by Starkku)

  • Trigger Action 505 for Firing SW at specified location (by FS-21)

  • Trigger Action 506 for Firing SW at waypoint (by FS-21)

  • New behaviors for objects’ self-destruction under certain conditions (by Trsdy & FS-21)

  • Slaves’ ownership decision when corresponding slave miner is destroyed (by Trsdy)

  • Customize buildings’ selling sound and EVA voice (by Trsdy)

  • ForceWeapon.Naval.Decloacked for overriding uncloaked underwater attack behavior (by FS-21)

  • Shrapnel enhancement (by secsome)

  • Shared Ammo for transports to passengers (by FS-21)

  • Additional critical hit logic customizations (by Starkku)

  • Laser trails for VoxelAnims (by Otamaa)

  • Local warhead screen shaking (by Starkku)

  • Feedback weapon (by Starkku)

  • TerrainType & ore minimap color customization (by Starkku)

  • Single-color weapon lasers (by Starkku)

  • Customizable projectile trajectory (by secsome)

  • Display damage numbers debug hotkey command (by Starkku)

  • Toggleable display of TransactMoney amounts (by Starkku)

  • Building-provided self-healing customization (by Starkku)

  • Building placement preview (by Otamaa & Belonit)

  • Passable & buildable-upon TerrainTypes (by Starkku)

  • Toggle for passengers to automatically change owner if transport owner changes (by Starkku)

  • Superweapon launch on warhead detonation (by Trsdy)

  • Preserve IronCurtain status upon DeploysInto/UndeploysInto (by Trsdy)

  • Correct owner house for Warhead Anim/SplashList & Play Animation trigger animations (by Starkku)

  • Customizable FLH When Infantry Is Crouched Or Deployed (by FS-21)

  • Enhanced projectile interception logic, including projectile strength & armor types (by Starkku)

  • Initial Strength for Cloned Infantry (by FS-21)

  • OpenTopped transport rangefinding & deactivated state customizations (by Starkku)

  • Forbidding parallel AI queues by type (by NetsuNegi & Trsdy)

  • Animation damage / weapon improvements (by Starkku)

  • Warhead self-damaging toggle (by Starkku)

  • Trailer animations inheriting owner (by Starkku)

  • Warhead detonation on all objects on map (by Starkku)

  • Implemented support for PCX images for campaign loading screen (by FlyStar)

  • Implemented support for PCX images for observer loading screen (by Uranusian)

  • Animated (non-tiberium spawning) TerrainTypes (by Starkku)

  • Toggleable passenger killing for Explodes=true units (by Starkku)

  • New condition for automatic self-destruction logic when TechnoTypes exist/don’t exist (by FlyStar)

Vanilla fixes:

  • Fixed laser drawing code to allow for thicker lasers in house color draw mode (by Kerbiter, ChrisLv_CN)

  • Fixed DeathWeapon not detonating properly (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed lasers & other effects drawing from wrong offset with weapons that use Burst (by Starkku)

  • Fixed buildings with Naval=yes ignoring WaterBound=no to be forced to place onto water (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed temporal weapon crash under certain conditions where stack dump starts with 0051BB7D (by secsome)

  • Fixed the bug when retinting map lighting with a map action corrupted light sources (by secsome)

  • Fixed the bug when reading a map which puts Preview(Pack) after Map lead to the game fail to draw the preview (by secsome)

  • Fixed the bug that GameModeOptions are not correctly saved (by secsome)

  • Fixed the bug that AITriggerTypes do not recognize building upgrades (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed AI Aircraft docks bug when Ares tag [GlobalControls] > AllowParallelAIQueues=no is set (by FS-21)

  • Fixed the bug when occupied building’s MuzzleFlashX is drawn on the center of the building when X goes past 10 (by Otamaa)

  • Fixed jumpjet units that are Crashable not crashing to ground properly if destroyed while being pulled by a Locomotor warhead (by Starkku)

  • Fixed aircraft & jumpjet units not being affected by speed modifiers (by Starkku)

  • Fixed vehicles (both voxel & SHP) to fully respect Palette (by Starkku)

  • Fixed mind control indicator animations not reappearing on mind controlled objects that are cloaked and then uncloaked (by Starkku)

  • Fixed Nuke carrier and payload weapons not respecting Bright setting on weapon (by Starkku)

  • Fixed buildings not reverting to undamaged graphics when HP was restored above [AudioVisual]->ConditionYellow via SelfHealing (by Starkku)

  • Fixed jumpjet units being unable to turn to the target when firing from a different direction (by Trsdy)

  • Fixed turreted jumpjet units always facing bottom-right direction when stop moving (by Trsdy)

  • Fixed jumpjet objects being unable to detect cloaked objects beneath (by Trsdy)

  • Anim owner is now set for warhead AnimList/SplashList anims and Play Anim at Waypoint trigger animations (by Starkku)

  • Fixed AI script action Deploy getting stuck with vehicles with DeploysInto if there was no space to deploy at initial location (by Starkku)

  • Fixed Foundation=0x0 causing crashes if used on TerrainTypes.

  • Projectiles now remember the house of the firer even if the firer is destroyed before the projectile detonates. Does not currently apply to Ares-introduced Warhead effects (by Starkku)

  • Buildings now correctly use laser parameters set for Secondary weapons instead of reading them from Primary weapon (by Starkku)

  • Fixed an issue that caused vehicles killed by damage dealt by a known house but without a known source TechnoType (f.ex animation warhead damage) to not be recorded as killed correctly and thus not spring map trigger events etc. (by Starkku)

  • Translucent RLE SHPs will now be drawn using a more precise and performant algorithm that has no green tint and banding (only applies to Z-aware drawing mode for now) (by Apollo)

  • Fixed transports recursively put into each other not having a correct killer set after second transport when being killed by something (by Kerbiter)

  • Fixed projectiles with Inviso=true suffering from potential inaccuracy problems if combined with Airburst=yes or Warhead with EMEffect=true (by Starkku)

  • Fixed the bug when MakeInfantry logic on BombClass resulted in Neutral side infantry (by Otamaa)

  • Fixed railgun particles being drawn to wrong coordinate against buildings with non-default TargetCoordOffset or when force-firing on bridges (by Starkku)

  • Fixed building TargetCoordOffset not being taken into accord for several things like fire angle calculations and target lines (by Starkku)

  • Allowed observers to see a selected building’s radial indicator (by Trsdy)

Phobos fixes:

  • Fixed shields being able to take damage when the parent TechnoType was under effects of a Temporal Warhead (by Starkku)

  • Improved shield behavior for forced damage (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed SplashList animations playing when a unit is hit on a bridge over water (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed shielded objects not decloaking if shield takes damage (by Starkku)

  • Fixed critical hit animation playing even if no critical hits were dealt due to Crit.Affects or ImmuneToCrit settings (by Starkku)

  • Fixed RemoveDisguise not working on PermaDisguise infantry (by Starkku)

  • Fixed single-color laser (IsHouseColor, IsSingleColor, LaserTrails) glow falloff to match the vanilla appearance (by Starkku)

  • Fixed a potential cause of crashes concerning shield animations (such in conjunction with cloaking) (by Starkku)

  • Fixed interceptors intercepting projectiles fired by friendly objects if the said object died after firing the projectile (by Starkku)

  • Fixed interceptor weapons with Inviso=true projectiles detonating the projectile at wrong coordinates (by Starkku)

  • Fixed some possible configuration reading issues when using Phobos with patches that rename uimd.ini (by Belonit)

  • Fixed a game crash when using the Map Snapshot command (by Otamaa)

  • Fixed issue with incorrect input in edit dialog element when using IME (by Belonit)

  • Fixed an issue where tooltip text could be clipped by tooltip rectangle border if using MaxWidth > 0 (by Starkku)

  • Fixed projectiles with Trajectory=Straight suffering from potential inaccuracy problems if combined with Airburst=yes or Warhead with EMEffect=true (by Starkku)

  • Minor performance optimization related to shields (by Trsdy)

  • Fixed teleporting miners (Chrono Miner) considered to be idle by harvester counter, improved related game performance (by Trsdy)

  • Fixed negative damage weapons considering shield health when evaluating targets even if Warhead had Shield.Penetrate set to true (by Starkku)

  • Fixed engineers considering shield health instead of building health when determining if they can repair or capture a building (by Starkku)

  • Fixed shield animations (IdleAnim, BreakAnim and HitAnim) showing up even if the object shield is attached to is currently underground (by Starkku)

  • Fixed shields not being removed from sinking units until they have fully finished sinking (by Starkku)

  • Fixed techno-extdata update after type conversion (by Trsdy)

  • Fixed Phobos Warhead effects (crits, new shield modifiers etc.) considering sinking units valid targets (by Starkku)

  • Fixed an issue where FireOnce=yes deploy weapons on vehicles would still fire multiple times if deploy command is issued repeatedly or when not idle (by Starkku)

  • Fixed a game crash when checking BuildLimit if Phobos is running without Ares (by Belonit)

  • Corrected the misinterpretation in the definition of DiskLaser.Radius (by Trsdy)


  • Implemented a tool (sed wrapper) to semi-automatically upgrade INIs to use latest Phobos tags (by Kerbiter)

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Phobos fixes:

  • Fixed shield type info not saving properly (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed extended building upgrades logic not properly interacting with Ares’ BuildLimit check (by Uranusian)

  • Fix more random crashes for Cameo Priority (by Uranusian)

  • Fix aircraft weapons causing game freeze when burst index was not correctly reset after firing (by Starkku)

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Phobos fixes:

  • Fixed random crashes about CameoPriority (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed trigger action 125 not functioning properly (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed area warhead detonation not falling back to firer house (by Otamaa)

  • RadSite hook adjustment for FootClass to support Ares RadImmune; also various fixes to radiation / desolators (by Otamaa)

  • Fixed Crit.Affects not functioning properly (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed improper upgrade owner transfer which resulted in built ally / enemy building upgrades keeping the player who built them alive (by Kerbiter)


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  • Customizable producing progress “bars” like CnC:Remastered did (by Uranusian)

  • Customizable cameo sorting priority (by Uranusian)

  • Customizable harvester ore gathering animation (by secsome, Uranusian)

  • Allow making technos unable to be issued with movement order (by Uranusian)

Vanilla fixes:

  • Fixed non-IME keyboard input to be working correctly for languages / keyboard layouts that use character ranges other than Basic Latin and Latin-1 Supplement (by Belonit)

Phobos fixes:

  • Fixed the critical damage logic not functioning properly (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed the bug when executing the stop command game crashes (by Uranusian)

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Phobos fixes:

  • Fixed occasional crashes introduced by Speed=0 stationary vehicles code (by Starkku)


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  • Setting VehicleType Speed to 0 now makes game treat them as stationary (by Starkku)

Vanilla fixes:

  • Fixed the bug when after a failed placement the building/defence tab hotkeys won’t trigger placement mode again (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed the bug when building with UndeployInto plays EVA_NewRallypointEstablished while undeploying (by secsome)

Phobos fixes:

  • Fixed the bug when trigger action 125 Build At... wasn’t actually producing a building when the target cells were occupied (by secsome)


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  • Shield logic for TechnoTypes (by Uranusian, secsome, Belonit) with warhead additions (by Starkku)

  • Custom Radiation Types (by AlexB, Otamaa, Belonit, Uranusian)

  • New ScriptType actions 71 Timed Area Guard, 72 Load Onto Transports, 73 Wait until ammo is full (by FS-21)

  • Ore drills now have customizable ore type, range, ore growth stage and amount of cells generated (by Kerbiter)

  • Basic projectile interception logic (by AutoGavy, ChrisLv_CN, Kerbiter, Erzoid/SukaHati)

  • Customizable harvester active/total counter next to credits counter (by Uranusian)

  • Select Next Idle Harvester hotkey command (by Kerbiter)

  • Dump Object Info hotkey command (by secsome, FS-21)

  • Remove Disguise and Remove Mind Control warhead effects (by secsome)

  • Custom per-warhead SplashLists (by Uranusian)

  • AnimList.PickRandom used to randomize AnimList with no side effects (by secsome)

  • Chance-based critical damage system on warheads (by AutoGavy)

  • Optional mind control range limit (by Uranusian)

  • Multiple mind controllers can now release units on overload (by Uranusian, secsome)

  • Spawns now can be killed on low power and have limited pursuing range (by FS-21)

  • Spawns can now have the same exp. level as owner techno (by Uranusian)

  • TurretOffset now accepts F,L,H and F,L values instead of just F value (by Kerbiter)

  • ElectricBolt arc visuals can now be disabled per-arc (by Otamaa)

  • Semantic locomotor aliases for modder convenience (by Belonit)

  • Ability to specify amount of shots for strafing aircraft and burst simulation (by Starkku)

  • Customizeable Teleport/Chrono Locomotor properties per TechnoType (by Otamaa)

  • Maximum waypoints amount increased from 702 to 2147483647 (by secsome)

  • Customizeable Missing Cameo file (by Uranusian)

Vanilla fixes:

  • Map previews with zero size won’t crash the game anymore (by Kerbiter, Belonit)

  • Tileset 255+ bridge fix (by E1 Elite)

  • Fixed fatal errors when Blowfish.dll couldn’t be registered in the system properly due to missing admin rights (by Belonit)

  • Fix to take Burst into account for aircraft weapon shots beyond the first one (by Starkku)

  • Fixed the bug when units are already dead but still in map (for sinking, crashing, dying animation, etc.), they could die again (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed the bug when cloaked Desolator was unable to fire his deploy weapon (by Otamaa)

  • Fixed the bug when InfiniteMindControl with Damage=1 will auto-release the victim to control new one (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed the bug that script action Move to cell was still using leftover cell calculations from previous games (by secsome)

  • Fixed the bug when trigger action 125 Build At... didn’t play buildup anim (by secsome)

  • Fixed DebrisMaximums (spawned debris type amounts cannot go beyond specified maximums anymore) (by Otamaa)

  • Fixes to DeployFire logic (DeployFireWeapon, FireOnce, stop command now work properly) (by Starkku)

Phobos fixes:

  • Properly rewritten a fix for mind-controlled vehicles deploying into buildings (by FS-21)

  • Properly rewritten DeployToFire fix, tag Deployed.RememberTarget is deprecated, now always on (by Kerbiter)

  • New warheads now work with Ares’ GenericWarhead superweapon (by Belonit)


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Phobos fixes:

  • Fixed an occasional crash when selecting units with a selection box


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  • Full-color PCX graphics support (by Belonit)

  • Support for PCX loading screens of any size (by Belonit)

  • Extended sidebar tooltips with descriptions, recharge time and power consumption/generation (by Kerbiter, Belonit)

  • Selection priority filtering for box selection (by Kerbiter)

  • Shroud, reveal and money transact warheads (by Belonit)

  • Custom game icon command line arg (by Belonit)

  • Ability to disable black spawn position dots on map preview (by Belonit)

  • Ability to specify applicable building owner for building upgrades (by Kerbiter)

  • Customizable disk laser radius (by Belonit, Kerbiter)

  • Ability to switch to GDI sidebar layout for any side (by Belonit)

Vanilla fixes:

  • Deploying mind-controlled TechnoTypes won’t make them permanently mind-controlled anymore (unfinished fix by DCoder)

  • SHP debris hardcoded shadows now respect Shadow=no tag value (by Kerbiter)

  • DeployToFire vehicles won’t lose target on deploy anymore (unfinished fix by DCoder)

  • Fixed QWER hotkey tab switching not hiding the displayed tooltip as it should (by Belonit)

  • Sidebar tooltips now can go over sidebar bounds (by Belonit)

  • Lifted stupidly small limit for tooltip character amount (by Belonit)