New / Enhanced Logics

This page describes all the engine features that are either new and introduced by Phobos or significantly extended or expanded.

New types / ingame entities

Custom Radiation Types

Mixing different radiation types

  • Allows to have custom radiation type for any weapon now. More details on radiation here.

In rulesmd.ini:


[SOMEWEAPON]                    ; WeaponType
RadType=Radiation               ; RadType to use instead
                                ; of default [Radiation]

[SOMERADTYPE]                   ; custom RadType name
RadDurationMultiple=1           ; int
RadApplicationDelay=16          ; int
RadApplicationDelay.Building=0  ; int
RadLevelMax=500                 ; int
RadLevelDelay=90                ; int
RadLightDelay=90                ; int
RadLevelFactor=0.2              ; double
RadLightFactor=0.1              ; double
RadTintFactor=1.0               ; double
RadColor=0,255,0                ; RGB
RadSiteWarhead=RadSite          ; WarheadType

Laser Trails

Laser Trails
Laser trails used in Rise of the East

  • Technos, Projectiles, and VoxelAnims can now have colorful trails of different transparency, thickness and color, which are drawn via laser drawing code.

  • Technos, Projectiles, and VoxelAnims can have multiple laser trails. For technos each trail can have custom laser trail type and FLH offset relative to turret and body.


Laser trails are very resource intensive! Due to the game not utilizing GPU having a lot of trails can quickly drop the FPS on even good machines. To reduce that effect:

  • don’t put too many laser trails on units and projectiles;

  • make sure you set as high SegmentLength value as possible without trails being too jagged;

  • try to keep the length of the trail minimal (can be achieved with smaller FadeDuration durations).

In artmd.ini:


[SOMETRAIL]                 ; LaserTrailType name
IsHouseColor=no             ; boolean
Color=255,0,0               ; integer - Red,Green,Blue
FadeDuration=64             ; integer
Thickness=4                 ; integer
SegmentLength=128           ; integer, minimal length of each trail segment
IgnoreVertical=no           ; boolean, whether the trail won't be drawn on vertical movement
IsIntense=no                ; boolean, whether the laser is "supported" (AKA prism forwarding)

[SOMEPROJECTILE]            ; BulletType Image
LaserTrail.Types=SOMETRAIL  ; list of LaserTrailTypes

[SOMETECHNO]                ; TechnoType Image
LaserTrailN.Type=SOMETRAIL  ; LaserTrailType
LaserTrailN.FLH=0,0,0       ; integer - Forward,Lateral,Height
LaserTrailN.IsOnTurret=no   ; boolean, whether the trail origin is turret
; where N = 0, 1, 2, ...

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEVOXELANIM]             ; VoxelAnim
LaserTrail.Types=SOMETRAIL  ; list of LaserTrailTypes


Buildings, Infantries and Vehicles with Shield in Fantasy ADVENTURE

In rulesmd.ini:

Pips.Shield=-1,-1,-1               ; int, frames of pips.shp (zero-based) for Green, Yellow, Red
Pips.Shield.Building=-1,-1,-1      ; int, frames of pips.shp (zero-based) for Green, Yellow, Red
Pips.Shield.Background=PIPBRD.SHP  ; filename - including the .shp/.pcx extension
Pips.Shield.Building.Empty=0       ; int, frame of pips.shp (zero-based) for empty building pip


[SOMESHIELDTYPE]                     ; ShieldType name
Strength=0                           ; integer
InitialStrength=0                    ; integer
Armor=none                           ; ArmorType
Powered=false                        ; boolean
AbsorbOverDamage=false               ; boolean
SelfHealing=0.0                      ; double, percents or absolute
SelfHealing.Rate=0.0                 ; double, ingame minutes
Respawn=0.0                          ; double, percents or absolute
Respawn.Rate=0.0                     ; double, ingame minutes
BracketDelta=0                       ; integer - pixels
Pips=-1,-1,-1                        ; int, frames of pips.shp (zero-based) for Green, Yellow, Red
Pips.Building=-1,-1,-1               ; int, frames of pips.shp (zero-based) for Green, Yellow, Red
Pips.Background=                     ; filename - including the .shp/.pcx extension
Pips.Building.Empty=                 ; int, frame of pips.shp (zero-based) for empty building pip
IdleAnim=                            ; animation
IdleAnim.ConditionYellow=            ; animation
IdleAnim.ConditionRed=               ; animation
IdleAnimDamaged=                     ; animation
IdleAnimDamaged.ConditionYellow=     ; animation
IdleAnimDamaged.ConditionRed=        ; animation
IdleAnim.OfflineAction=Hides         ; AttachedAnimFlag (None, Hides, Temporal, Paused or PausedTemporal)
IdleAnim.TemporalAction=Hides        ; AttachedAnimFlag (None, Hides, Temporal, Paused or PausedTemporal)
BreakAnim=                           ; animation
HitAnim=                             ; animation
BreakWeapon=                         ; WeaponType
AbsorbPercent=1.0                    ; double, percents
PassPercent=0.0                      ; double, percents
AllowTransfer=                       ; boolean

[SOMETECHNO]                         ; TechnoType
ShieldType=SOMESHIELDTYPE            ; ShieldType; none by default

[SOMEWARHEAD]                        ; WarheadType
Shield.Penetrate=false               ; boolean
Shield.Break=false                   ; boolean
Shield.BreakAnim=                    ; animation
Shield.HitAnim=                      ; animation
Shield.BreakWeapon=                  ; WeaponType
Shield.AbsorbPercent=                ; double, percents
Shield.PassPercent=                  ; double, percents
Shield.Respawn.Duration=0            ; integer, game frames
Shield.Respawn.Amount=0.0            ; double, percents or absolute
Shield.Respawn.Rate=-1.0             ; double, ingame minutes
Shield.Respawn.ResetTimer=false      ; boolean
Shield.SelfHealing.Duration=0        ; integer, game frames
Shield.SelfHealing.Amount=0.0        ; double, percents or absolute
Shield.SelfHealing.Rate=-1.0         ; double, ingame minutes
Shield.SelfHealing.ResetTimer=false  ; boolean
Shield.AffectTypes=                  ; List of ShieldType names
Shield.AttachTypes=                  ; List of ShieldType names
Shield.RemoveTypes=                  ; List of ShieldType names
Shield.ReplaceOnly=false             ; boolean
Shield.ReplaceNonRespawning=false    ; boolean
Shield.MinimumReplaceDelay=0         ; integer, game frames
Shield.InheritStateOnReplace=false   ; boolean
  • Now you can have a shield for any TechnoType. It serves as a second health pool with independent Armor and Strength values.

    • Negative damage will recover shield, unless shield has been broken. If shield isn’t full, all negative damage will be absorbed by shield.

    • When a TechnoType has an unbroken shield, [ShieldType]->Armor will replace [TechnoType]->Armor for game calculation.

    • InitialStrength can be used to set a different initial strength value from maximum.

  • When executing DeploysInto or UndeploysInto, if both of the TechnoTypes have shields, the transformed unit/building would keep relative shield health (in percents), same as with Strength. If one of the TechnoTypes doesn’t have shields, it’s shield’s state on conversion will be preserved until converted back.

    • This also works with Ares’ Convert.*.

  • Powered controls whether or not the shield is active when a unit is running low on power or it is affected by EMP.

    • Attention, if TechnoType itself is not Powered, then the shield won’t be offline when low power.

  • AbsorbOverDamage controls whether or not the shield absorbs damage dealt beyond shield’s current strength when the shield breaks.

  • SelfHealing and Respawn respect the following settings: 0.0 disables the feature, 1%-100% recovers/respawns the shield strength in percentage, other number recovers/respawns the shield strength directly. Specially, SelfHealing with a negative number deducts the shield strength.

    • If you want shield recovers/respawns 1 HP per time, currently you need to set tag value to any number between 1 and 2, like 1.1.

  • SelfHealing.Rate and Respawn.Rate respect the following settings: 0.0 instantly recovers the shield, other values determine the frequency of shield recovers/respawns in ingame minutes.

  • IdleAnim, if set, will be played while the shield is intact. This animation is automatically set to loop indefinitely.

    • IdleAnim.ConditionYellow and IdleAnim.ConditionRed can be used to set different animations for when shield health is at or below the percentage defined in [AudioVisual]->ConditionYellow/ConditionRed, respectively. If IdleAnim.ConditionRed is not set it falls back to IdleAnim.ConditionYellow, which in turn falls back to IdleAnim.

    • IdleAnimDamaged, IdleAnimDamaged.ConditionYellow and IdleAnimDamaged.ConditionRed are used in an identical manner, but only when health of the object the shield is attached to is at or below [AudioVisual]->ConditionYellow. Follows similar fallback sequence to regular IdleAnim variants and if none are set, falls back to the regular IdleAnim or variants thereof.

    • Bouncer=true and IsMeteor=true animations can exhibit irregular behaviour when used as IdleAnim and should be avoided.

  • IdleAnim.OfflineAction indicates what happens to the animation when the shield is in a low power state.

  • IdleAnim.TemporalAction indicates what happens to the animation when the shield is attacked by temporal weapons.

  • BreakAnim, if set, will be played when the shield has been broken.

  • HitAnim, if set, will be played when the shield is attacked, similar to WeaponNullifyAnim for Iron Curtain.

  • BreakWeapon, if set, will be fired at the TechnoType once the shield breaks.

  • AbsorbPercent controls the percentage of damage that will be absorbed by the shield. Defaults to 1.0, meaning full damage absorption.

  • PassPercent controls the percentage of damage that will not be absorbed by the shield, and will be dealt to the unit directly even if the shield is active. Defaults to 0.0 - no penetration.

  • AllowTransfer controls whether or not the shield can be transferred if the TechnoType changes (such as (Un)DeploysInto or Ares type conversion). If not set, defaults to true if shield was attached via Shield.AttachTypes, otherwise false.

  • A TechnoType with a shield will show its shield Strength. An empty shield strength bar will be left after destroyed if it is respawnable. Several customizations are available for the shield strength pips.

    • By default, buildings use the 6th frame of pips.shp to display the shield strength while others use the 17th frame.

    • Pips.Shield can be used to specify which pip frame should be used as shield strength. If only 1 digit is set, then it will always display that frame, or if 3 digits are set, it will use those if shield’s current strength is at or below ConditionYellow and ConditionRed, respectively. Pips.Shield.Building is used for BuildingTypes. -1 as value will use the default frame, whether it is fallback to first value or the aforementioned hardcoded defaults.

    • Pips.Shield.Background can be used to set the background or ‘frame’ for non-building pips, which defaults to pipbrd.shp. 4th frame is used to display an infantry’s shield strength and the 3th frame for other units, or 2nd and 1st respectively if not enough frames are available.

    • Pips.Shield.Building.Empty can be used to set the frame of pips.shp displayed for empty building strength pips, defaults to 1st frame of pips.shp.

    • The above customizations are also available on per ShieldType basis, e.g [ShieldType]->Pips instead of [AudioVisual]->Pips.Shield and so on. ShieldType settings take precedence over the global ones, but will fall back to them if not set.

    • BracketDelta can be used as additional vertical offset (negative shifts it up) for shield strength bar. Much like PixelSelectionBracketDelta, it is not applied on buildings.

  • Warheads have new options that interact with shields.

    • Shield.Penetrate allows the warhead ignore the shield and always deal full damage to the TechnoType itself. It also allows targeting the TechnoType as if shield doesn’t exist.

    • Shield.Break allows the warhead to always break shields of TechnoTypes. This is done before damage is dealt.

    • Shield.BreakAnim will be displayed instead of ShieldType BreakAnim if the shield is broken by the Warhead, either through damage or Shield.Break.

    • Shield.HitAnim will be displayed instead of ShieldType HitAnim if set when Warhead hits the shield.

    • Shield.BreakWeapon will be fired instead of ShieldType BreakWeapon if the shield is broken by the Warhead, either through damage or Shield.Break.

    • Shield.AbsorbPercent overrides the AbsorbPercent value set in the ShieldType that is being damaged.

    • Shield.PassPercent overrides the PassPercent value set in the ShieldType that is being damaged.

    • Shield.Respawn.Rate & Shield.Respawn.Amount override ShieldType Respawn.Rate and Respawn.Amount for duration of Shield.Respawn.Duration amount of frames. Negative rate & zero or lower amount default to ShieldType values. If Shield.Respawn.ResetTimer is set, currently running shield respawn timer is reset, otherwise the timer’s duration is adjusted to match Shield.Respawn.Rate without restarting the timer. If the effect expires while respawn timer is running, remaining time is adjusted to match ShieldType Respawn.Rate. Re-applying the effect resets the duration to Shield.Respawn.Duration

    • Shield.SelfHealing.Rate & Shield.SelfHealing.Amount override ShieldType SelfHealing.Rate and SelfHealing.Amount for duration of Shield.SelfHealing.Duration amount of frames. Negative rate & zero or lower amount default to ShieldType values. If Shield.SelfHealing.ResetTimer is set, currently running self-healing timer is restarted, otherwise timer’s duration ‘is adjusted to match Shield.SelfHealing.Rate without restarting the timer. If the effect expires while self-healing timer is running, remaining time is adjusted to match ShieldType SelfHealing.Rate. Re-applying the effect resets the duration to Shield.SelfHealing.Duration.

    • Shield.AffectsTypes allows listing which ShieldTypes can be affected by any of the effects listed above. If none are listed, all ShieldTypes are affected.

    • Shield.AttachTypes & Shield.RemoveTypes allows listing ShieldTypes that are attached or removed, respectively from any targets affected by the warhead (positive Verses values). Normally only first listed ShieldType in Shield.AttachTypes is applied.

      • If Shield.ReplaceOnly is set, shields from Shield.AttachTypes are only applied to affected targets from which shields were simultaneously removed, matching the order listed in Shield.RemoveTypes. If Shield.AttachTypes contains less items than Shield.RemoveTypes, last item from the former is used for any remaining removed shields.

      • If Shield.ReplaceNonRespawning is set, shield from Shield.AttachTypes replaces existing shields that have been broken and cannot respawn on their own.

        • Shield.MinimumReplaceDelay can be used to control how long after the shield has been broken (in game frames) can it be replaced. If not enough frames have passed, it won’t be replaced.

      • If Shield.InheritStateOnReplace is set, shields replaced via Shield.ReplaceOnly inherit the current strength (relative to ShieldType Strength) of the previous shield and whether or not the shield was currently broken. Self-healing and respawn timers are always reset.




  • Animations can now create (or “convert” to) units when they end.

    • Because in most cases animations do not have owner, the unit will be created with civilian owner unless you use DestroyAnim which was modified to store owner and facing information from the destroyed unit, or animation from Warhead AnimList or one created through map trigger action 41 Play Anim At.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEUNIT]                  ; UnitType
DestroyAnim.Random=yes      ; boolean, whether to randomize DestroyAnim

In artmd.ini:

[SOMEANIM]                          ; AnimationType
CreateUnit=                         ; UnitType
CreateUnit.Facing=0                 ; unsigned short, `CreateUnit` facings in range of 0-255
CreateUnit.RandomFacing=yes         ; boolean, `CreateUnit` use random facings
CreateUnit.InheritFacings=no        ; boolean, inherit facing from destroyed unit
CreateUnit.InheritTurretFacings=no  ; boolean, inherit facing from destroyed unit
CreateUnit.RemapAnim=no             ; boolean, whether to remap anim to owner color
CreateUnit.Mission=Guard            ; MissionType
CreateUnit.Owner=Victim             ; owner house kind, Invoker/Killer/Victim/Civilian/Special/Neutral/Random
CreateUnit.ConsiderPathfinding=no   ; boolean, whether to consider if the created unit can move in the cell and look for eligible cells nearby instead.


Extended building upgrades

Upgrading own and allied Power Plants in CnC: Final War

  • Building upgrades now can be placed on own buildings, on allied buildings and/or on enemy buildings. These three owners can be specified via a new tag, comma-separated. When upgrade is placed on building, it automatically changes it’s owner to match the building’s owner.

  • One upgrade can now be applied to multiple buildings via a new tag, comma-separated.

    • Ares-introduced build limit for building upgrades works with this feature.

In rulesmd.ini:

[UPGRADENAME]       ; BuildingType
PowersUp.Owner=Self ; list of Affected House Enumeration (none|owner/self|allies/ally|team|enemies/enemy|all)
PowersUp.Buildings= ; list of BuildingTypes

Power plant enhancer

  • When it exists, it can increase the power amount generated by the power plants.

    • When enchancing structures are sold or destroyed, the power amount returns to normal.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEBUILDING]                     ; BuildingType
PowerPlantEnhancer.PowerPlants=    ; list of BuildingTypes
PowerPlantEnhancer.Amount=0        ; integer
PowerPlantEnhancer.Factor=1.0      ; float


Customizable FLH When Infantry Is Prone Or Deployed

In artmd.ini:

[SOMEINFANTRY]             ; InfantryType
PronePrimaryFireFLH=       ; integer - Forward,Lateral,Height
ProneSecondaryFireFLH=     ; integer - Forward,Lateral,Height
DeployedPrimaryFireFLH=    ; integer - Forward,Lateral,Height
DeployedSecondaryFireFLH=  ; integer - Forward,Lateral,Height

Default disguise for individual InfantryTypes

  • Infantry can now have its DefaultDisguise overridden per-type.

    • This tag’s priority is higher than Ares’ per-side DefaultDisguise.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEINFANTRY]      ; InfantryType
DefaultDisguise=E2  ; InfantryType              

Random death animaton for NotHuman Infantry

  • Infantry with NotHuman=yes can now play random death anim sequence between Die1 to Die5 instead of the hardcoded Die1.

    • Do not forget to tweak infantry anim sequences before enabling this feature, otherwise it will play invisible anim sequence.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEINFANTRY]                    ; InfantryType
NotHuman.RandomDeathSequence=yes  ; boolean

Shared Ammo

  • Transports with OpenTopped=yes and Ammo.Shared=yes will transfer ammo to passengers that have Ammo.Shared=yes. In addition, a transport can filter who will receive ammo if passengers have the same value in Ammo.Shared.Group=<integer> of the transport, ignoring other passengers with different groups values.

  • Transports with Ammo.Shared.Group=-1 will transfer ammo to any passenger with Ammo.Shared=yes ignoring the group.

  • Transports must have ammo and should be able to reload ammo.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMETECHNO1]                           ; TechnoType, transport with OpenTopped=yes
Ammo.Shared=no                          ; boolean
Ammo.Shared.Group=-1                    ; integer

[SOMETECHNO2]                           ; TechnoType, passenger
Ammo.Shared=no                          ; boolean
Ammo.Shared.Group=-1                    ; integer


Projectile interception logic

Interception logic used in Tiberium Crisis mod

  • Projectiles can now be made interceptable by certain TechnoTypes by setting Interceptable=true on them. The TechnoType scans for interceptable projectiles within a range if it has no other target and will use one of its weapons to shoot at them. Projectiles can define Armor and Strength. Weapons that cannot target the projectile’s armor type will not attempt to intercept it. On interception, if the projectile has Armor set, an amount equaling to the intercepting weapon’s Damage adjusted by Warhead Verses and the TechnoType’s firepower multipliers is deducted from the projectile’s current strength. Regardless of if the current projectile strength was reduced or not, if it sits at 0 or below after interception, the projectile is detonated.

    • Interceptor.Weapon determines the weapon (0 = Primary, 1 = Secondary) to be used for intercepting projectiles.

      • The interceptor weapon may need AG and/or AA set to true on its projectile to be able to target projectiles depending on their elevation from ground. If you don’t set those then the weapon won’t be able to target low-flying or high-flying projectiles respectively.

    • Interceptor.CanTargetHouses controls which houses the projectiles (or rather their firers) can belong to be eligible for interception.

    • Interceptor.GuardRange (and Interceptor.(Rookie|Veteran|EliteGuardRange) is maximum range of the unit to intercept projectile. The unit weapon range will limit the unit interception range though.

    • Interceptor.MinimumGuardRange (and Interceptor.(Rookie|Veteran|EliteMinimumGuardRange) is the minimum range of the unit to intercept projectile. Any projectile under this range will not be intercepted.

    • Interceptable.DeleteOnIntercept determines whether or not the projectile will simply be deleted on detonation upon interception, or if it will properly detonate. Will be overridden by Interceptor.DeleteOnIntercept setting on the interceptor.

    • Interceptable.WeaponOverride can be set to a WeaponType that will be used to override characteristics such as Damage and Warhead of the current projectile for detonation after interception. Will be overridden by Interceptor.WeaponOverride setting on the interceptor.

      • On interceptors, Interceptor.WeaponReplaceProjectile can be set to true to make Interceptor.WeaponOverride also replace the intercepted projectile’s type (including Image and other projectile characteristics) and Speed with its own. Does not replace particle systems (AttachedSystem, Ares feature).

      • On interceptors, Interceptor.WeaponCumulativeDamage can be set to true to make Damage from Interceptor.WeaponOverride weapon be added on the projectile’s damage rather than override it.

    • Interceptor.KeepIntact can be set to true to allow intercepted projectiles to continue traveling as if they were not intercepted, but effects such as Interceptor.WeaponOverride will still be applied.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMETECHNO]                               ; TechnoType
Interceptor=no                             ; boolean
Interceptor.Weapon=0                       ; integer, weapon slot index (0 or 1)
Interceptor.CanTargetHouses=enemies        ; Affected House Enumeration (none|owner/self|allies/ally|team|enemies/enemy|all)
Interceptor.GuardRange=0.0                 ; double
Interceptor.VeteranGuardRange=             ; double
Interceptor.EliteGuardRange=               ; double
Interceptor.MinimumGuardRange=0.0          ; double
Interceptor.VeteranMinimumGuardRange=      ; double
Interceptor.EliteMinimumGuardRange=        ; double
Interceptor.DeleteOnIntercept=false        ; boolean
Interceptor.WeaponOverride=                ; WeaponType
Interceptor.WeaponReplaceProjectile=false  ; boolean
Interceptor.WeaponCumulativeDamage=false   ; boolean
Interceptor.KeepIntact=false               ; boolean

Interceptable=false                    ; boolean
Interceptable.DeleteOnIntercept=false  ; boolean
Interceptable.WeaponOverride=          ; WeaponType
Strength=0                             ; integer
Armor=                                 ; ArmorType

Projectile trajectories

  • Projectiles can now have customizable trajectories.

    • Trajectory should not be combined with original game’s projectile trajectory logics (Arcing, ROT or Inviso).

Straight trajectory

  • Self-explanatory, is a straight-shot trajectory.

    • Initial speed is determined by weapon’s Trajectory.Speed.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEPROJECTILE]     ; Projectile
Trajectory=Straight  ; Trajectory type

Bombard trajectory

  • Similar trajectory to Straight, but targets a coordinate above the intended target (height determined by Trajectory.Bombard.Height). When the projectile approaches that coordinate, it will free fall and explodes when it hits the target or ground.

    • Initial speed is determined by weapon’s Trajectory.Speed.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEPROJECTILE]               ; Projectile
Trajectory=Bombard             ; Trajectory type
Trajectory.Bombard.Height=0.0  ; double

Shrapnel enhancement

  • Shrapnel behavior can be triggered on the ground and buildings.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEPROJECTILE]              ; Projectile
Shrapnel.AffectsGround=no     ; boolean
Shrapnel.AffectsBuildings=no  ; boolean

Super Weapons


  • Super Weapons can now deliver off-map buildings that act as if they were on the field.

    • LimboDelivery.Types is the list of BuildingTypes that will be created when the Super Weapons fire. Super Weapon Type and coordinates do not matter.

    • LimboDelivery.IDs is the list of numeric IDs that will be assigned to buildings. Necessary for LimboKill to work.

  • Created buildings are not affected by any on-map threats. The only way to remove them from the game is by using a Super Weapon with LimboKill set.

    • LimboKill.Affects sets which houses are affected by this feature.

    • LimboKill.IDs lists IDs that will be targeted. Buildings with these IDs will be removed from the game instantly.

  • Delivery can be made random with these optional tags. The game will randomly choose only a single building from the list for each roll chance provided.

    • LimboDelivery.RollChance lits chances of each “dice roll” happening. Valid values range from 0% (never happens) to 100% (always happens). Defaults to a single sure roll.

    • LimboDelivery.RandomWeightsN lists the weights for each “dice roll” that increase the probability of picking a specific building. Valid values are 0 (don’t pick) and above (the higher value, the bigger the likelyhood). RandomWeights are a valid alias for RandomWeights0. If a roll attempt doesn’t have weights specified, the last weights will be used.

Note: This feature might not support every building flag. Flags that are confirmed to work correctly are listed below:

  • FactoryPlant

  • OrePurifier

  • SpySat

  • KeepAlive (Ares 3.0)

  • Prerequisite, PrerequisiteOverride, Prerequisite.List# (Ares 0.1), Prerequisite.Negative (Ares 0.1), GenericPrerequisites (Ares 0.1)

  • SuperWeapon, SuperWeapon2, SuperWeapons (Ares 0.9), SW.AuxBuildings (Ares 0.9), SW.NegBuildings (Ares 0.9)

Note: In order for this feature to work with AITriggerTypes conditions (“Owning house owns ???” and “Enemy house owns ???”), LegalTarget must be set to true.


Remember that Limbo Delivered buildings don’t exist physically! This means they should never have enabled machanics that require interaction with the game world (i.e. factories, cloning vats, service depots, helipads). They also should have either KeepAlive=no set or be killable with LimboKill - otherwise the game might never end.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMESW]                        ; Super Weapon
LimboDelivery.Types=            ; List of BuildingTypes
LimboDelivery.IDs=              ; List of numeric IDs. -1 cannot be used.
LimboDelivery.RollChances=      ; List of percentages.
LimboDelivery.RandomWeightsN=   ; List of integers.
LimboKill.Affects=self          ; Affected House Enumeration (none|owner/self|allies/ally|team|enemies/enemy|all)
LimboKill.IDs=                  ; List of numeric IDs.


Automatic passenger deletion

  • Transports with these tags will erase the passengers overtime. Bigger units takes more time. Optionally this logic can work like a grinder.

  • Good combination with Ares Abductor logic.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMETECHNO]                            ; TechnoType
PassengerDeletion.Rate=0                ; integer, game frames
PassengerDeletion.Rate.SizeMultiply=yes ; boolean, whether to multiply frames amount by size
PassengerDeletion.Soylent=no            ; boolean
PassengerDeletion.SoylentFriendlies=no  ; boolean
PassengerDeletion.ReportSound=          ; sound
PassengerDeletion.Anim=                 ; animation

Automatic passenger owner change to match transport owner

  • Transports with Passengers.SyncOwner set to true will have the owner of their passengers changed to match the transport if transport’s owner changes.

    • On OpenTopped=true transports this will also disable checks that prevent target acquisition by passengers when the transport is temporarily mind controlled.

    • Passengers.SyncOwner.RevertOnExit, if set to true (which is the default), changes the passengers’ owner back to whatever it was originally when they entered the transport when they are ejected.

    • Does not work on passengers acquired through use of Abductor=true weapon (Ares feature).

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMETECHNO]                             ; TechnoType
Passengers.SyncOwner=false               ; boolean
Passengers.SyncOwner.RevertOnExit=true   ; boolean

Automatically firing weapons

  • You can now make TechnoType automatically fire its weapon(s) without having to scan for suitable targets by setting AutoFire, on either its base cell (in which case the weapon that is used for force-firing is used) or itself (in which case normal targeting and weapon selection rules and are respected) depending on if AutoFire.TargetSelf is set or not.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMETECHNO]            ; TechnoType
AutoFire=no             ; boolean
AutoFire.TargetSelf=no  ; boolean

Customizable OpenTopped Properties

  • You can now override settings of OpenTopped transport properties per TechnoType.

[SOMETECHNO]                       ; TechnoType
OpenTopped.RangeBonus=1            ; integer
OpenTopped.DamageMultiplier=1.3    ; float
OpenTopped.WarpDistance=8          ; integer

Disabling fallback to (Elite)Secondary weapon

  • It is now possible to disable the fallback to (Elite)Secondary weapon from (Elite)Primary weapon if it cannot fire at the chosen target by setting NoSecondaryWeaponFallback to true (defaults to false). This does not apply to special cases where (Elite)Secondary weapon is always chosen, including but not necessarily limited to the following:

    • OpenTransportWeapon=1 on an unit firing from inside OpenTopped=true transport.

    • NoAmmoWeapon=1 on an unit with Ammo value higher than 0 and current ammo count lower or equal to NoAmmoAmount.

    • Deployed IsSimpleDeployer=true units withDeployFireWeapon=1 set or omitted.

    • DrainWeapon=true weapons against enemy Drainable=yes buildings.

    • Units with IsLocomotor=true set on Warhead of (Elite)Primary weapon against buildings.

    • Weapons with ElectricAssault=true set on Warhead against Overpowerable=true buildings belonging to owner or allies.

    • Overpowerable=true buildings that are currently overpowered.

    • Any system using (Elite)WeaponX, f.ex Gunner=true or IsGattling=true is also wholly exempt.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMETECHNO]                      ; TechnoType
NoSecondaryWeaponFallback=false   ; boolean

Firing offsets for specific Burst shots

  • You can now specify separate firing offsets for each of the shots fired by weapon with Burst via using (Elite)(Prone/Deployed)PrimaryFire|SecondaryFire|WeaponX|FLH.BurstN keys, depending on which weapons your TechnoType makes use of. N in BurstN is zero-based burst shot index, and the values are parsed sequentially until no value for either regular or elite weapon is present, with elite weapon defaulting to regular weapon FLH if only it is missing. If no burst-index specific value is available, value from the base key (f.ex PrimaryFireFLH) is used.

  • Burst-index specific firing offsets are absolute firing offsets and the lateral shifting based on burst index that occurs with the base firing offsets is not applied.

In artmd.ini:

[SOMETECHNO]    ; TechnoType Image
FLHKEY.BurstN=  ; int - forward, lateral, height. FLHKey refers to weapon-specific FLH key name and N is zero-based burst shot index.

Initial Strength

  • You can now specify how many hitpoints a TechnoType starts with.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMETECHNO]        ; TechnoType
InitialStrength=    ; int

Kill Unit Automatically

  • Objects can be destroyed automatically under certaing cases:

    • No Ammo: The object will die if the remaining ammo reaches 0.

    • Countdown: The object will die if the countdown reaches 0.

    • Peaceful: If NoAmmo or Countdown is set, the object will be directly removed from the game peacefully, without triggering deathweapon or “Unit lost” EVA.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMETECHNO]                       ; TechnoType
Death.NoAmmo=no                    ; boolean
Death.Countdown=0                  ; integer
Death.Peaceful=no                  ; boolean, whether to not trigger DeathWeapon and EVA

Mind Control enhancement

Mind Control Range Limit used in Fantasy ADVENTURE
Multiple Mind Control unit auto-releases the first victim in Fantasy ADVENTURE

  • Mind controllers now can have the upper limit of the control distance. Tag values greater than 0 will activate this feature.

  • Mind controllers with multiple controlling slots can now release the first controlled unit when they have reached the control limit and are ordered to control a new target.

  • Allows Warheads to play custom MindControl.Anim which defaults to ControlledAnimationType.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMETECHNO]                       ; TechnoType
MindControlRangeLimit=-1.0         ; double
MultiMindControl.ReleaseVictim=no  ; boolean

[SOMEWARHEAD]                            ; Warhead
MindControl.Anim=ControlledAnimationType ; AnimType

No Manual Move

  • You can now specify whether a TechnoType is unable to receive move command.

[SOMETECHNO]           ; TechnoType
NoManualMove=no        ; boolean

Override Uncloaked Underwater attack behavior

Naval underwater behavior in C&C: Reloaded

  • Overrides a part of the vanilla YR logic for allowing naval units to use a different weapon if the naval unit is uncloaked.

  • Useful if your naval unit have 1 weapon only for underwater and another weapon for surface objects.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMETECHNO]                      ; TechnoType
ForceWeapon.Naval.Decloaked=-1    ; Integer. 0 for primary weapon, 1 for secondary weapon

Spawn range limit

Limited pursue range for spawns in Fantasy ADVENTURE

  • The spawned units will abort the infinite pursuit if the enemy is out of range. Spawner.ExtraLimitRange adds extra pursuit range to the spawned units.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMETECHNO]              ; TechnoType
Spawner.LimitRange=no     ; boolean
Spawner.ExtraLimitRange=0 ; integer

Weapons fired on warping in / out

  • It is now possible to add weapons that are fired on a teleporting TechnoType when it warps in or out. They are at the same time as the appropriate animations (WarpIn / WarpOut) are displayed.

    • WarpInMinRangeWeapon is used instead of WarpInWeapon if the distance traveled (in leptons) was less than ChronoRangeMinimum. This works regardless of if ChronoTrigger is set or not. If WarpInMinRangeWeapon is not set, it defaults to WarpInWeapon.

    • If WarpInWeapon.UseDistanceAsDamage is set, Damage of WarpIn(MinRange)Weapon is overriden by the number of whole cells teleported across.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMETECHNO]                            ; TechnoType
WarpInWeapon=                           ; WeaponType
WarpInMinRangeWeapon=                   ; WeaponType
WarpInWeapon.UseDistanceAsDamage=false  ; boolean
WarpOutWeapon=                          ; WeaponType


Destroy animation & sound

  • You can now specify a destroy animation and sound for a TerrainType that are played when it is destroyed.

In rulesmd.ini:

DestroyAnim=       ; Animation
DestroySound=      ; Sound



All new warheads can be used with CellSpread and Ares’ GenericWarhead superweapon where applicable.

Break Mind Control on impact

  • Warheads can now break mind control (doesn’t apply to perma-MC-ed objects).

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEWARHEAD]                        ; Warhead
RemoveMindControl=no                 ; boolean

Chance-based extra damage or Warhead detonation / ‘critical hits’

  • Warheads can now apply additional chance-based damage or Warhead detonation (‘critical hits’) with the ability to customize chance, damage, affected targets, affected target HP threshold and animations of critical hit.

    • Crit.Chance determines chance for a critical hit to occur. By default this is checked once when the Warhead is detonated and every target that is susceptible to critical hits will be affected. If Crit.ApplyChancePerTarget is set, then whether or not the chance roll is successful is determined individually for each target.

    • Crit.ExtraDamage determines the damage dealt by the critical hit. If Crit.Warhead is set, the damage is used to detonate the specified Warhead on each affected target, otherwise the damage is directly dealt based on current Warhead’s Verses settings.

    • Crit.Affects can be used to customize types of targets that this Warhead can deal critical hits against.

    • Crit.AffectsBelowPercent can be used to set minimum percentage of their maximum Strength that targets must have left to be affected by a critical hit.

    • Crit.AnimList can be used to set a list of animations used instead of Warhead’s AnimList if Warhead deals a critical hit to even one target. If Crit.AnimList.PickRandom is set (defaults to AnimList.PickRandom) then the animation is chosen randomly from the list.

      • Crit.AnimOnAffectedTargets, if set, makes the animation(s) from Crit.AnimList play on each affected target in addition to animation from Warhead’s AnimList playing as normal instead of replacing AnimList animation.

    • Crit.SuppressWhenIntercepted, if set, prevents critical hits from occuring at all if the warhead was detonated from a projectile that was intercepted.

    • ImmuneToCrit can be set on TechnoTypes to make them immune to critical hits.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEWARHEAD]                       ; Warhead
Crit.Chance=0.0                     ; float, percents or absolute (0.0-1.0)
Crit.ApplyChancePerTarget=false     ; boolean
Crit.ExtraDamage=0                  ; integer
Crit.Warhead=                       ; Warhead
Crit.Affects=all                    ; list of Affected Target Enumeration (none|land|water|empty|infantry|units|buildings|all)
Crit.AffectBelowPercent=1.0         ; float, percents or absolute (0.0-1.0)
Crit.AnimList=                      ; list of animations
Crit.AnimList.PickRandom=           ; boolean
Crit.AnimOnAffectedTargets=false    ; boolean
Crit.SuppressWhenIntercepted=false  ; boolean

[SOMETECHNO]                      ; TechnoType
ImmuneToCrit=no                   ; boolean


If you set Crit.Warhead to the same Warhead it is defined on, or create a chain of Warheads with it that loops back to the first one there is a possibility for the game to get stuck in a loop and freeze or crash afterwards.

Custom ‘SplashList’ on Warheads


  • Allows Warheads to play custom water splash animations. See vanilla’s Conventional system here.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEWARHEAD]            ; Warhead
SplashList=<none>        ; list of animations to play
SplashList.PickRandom=no ; play a random animation from the list? boolean, defaults to no

Generate credits on impact

TransactMoney used in Rise of the East mod

  • Warheads can now give credits to its owner at impact.

    • TransactMoney.Display can be set to display the amount of credits given or deducted. The number is displayed in green if given, red if deducted and will move upwards after appearing.

      • TransactMoney.Display.AtFirer if set, makes the credits display appear on firer instead of target. If set and firer is not known, it will display at target regardless.

      • TransactMoney.Display.Houses determines which houses can see the credits display.

      • TransactMoney.Display.Offset is additional pixel offset for the center of the credits display, by default (0,0) at target’s/firer’s center.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEWARHEAD]                        ; Warhead
TransactMoney=0                      ; integer - credits added or subtracted
TransactMoney.Display=false          ; boolean
TransactMoney.Display.AtFirer=false  ; boolean
TransactMoney.Display.Houses=All     ; Affected House Enumeration (none|owner/self|allies/ally|team|enemies/enemy|all)
TransactMoney.Display.Offset=0,0     ; X,Y, pixels relative to default

Remove disguise on impact

  • Warheads can now remove disguise from disguised infantry such as spies. This will work even if the disguised was acquired by default through PermaDisguise.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEWARHEAD]                      ; Warhead
RemoveDisguise=no                  ; boolean

Reveal map for owner on impact

SpySat=yes on [NUKE] warhead reveals the map when nuclear missile detonates

  • Warheads can now reveal the entire map on impact.

  • Reveal only applies to the owner of the warhead.

In rulesmd.ini:

SpySat=no     ; boolean

Shroud map for enemies on impact

  • Warheads can now shroud the entire map on impact.

  • Shroud only applies to enemies of the warhead owner.

In rulesmd.ini:

BigGap=no     ; boolean

Trigger specific NotHuman infantry Death anim sequence

  • Warheads are now able to trigger specific NotHuman=yes infantry Death anim sequence using the corresponding tag. It’s value represents sequences from Die1 to Die5.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEWARHEAD]            ; Warhead
NotHuman.DeathSequence=  ; integer (1 to 5)

Launch superweapons on impact

  • Superweapons can now be launched when a warhead is detonated.

    • LaunchSW specifies the superweapons to launch when the warhead is detonated.

    • LaunchSW.RealLaunch controls whether the owner who fired the warhead must own all listed superweapons and sufficient fund to support Money.Amout. Otherwise they will be launched out of nowhere.

    • LaunchSW.IgnoreInhibitors ignores SW.Inhibitors of each superweapon, otherwise only non-inhibited superweapons are launched.


Animation weapons from Ares are not supported. Nevertheless, animation warheads may work under certain circumstances. Also, due to the nature of some superweapon types, not all superweapons are suitable for launch.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEWARHEAD]                 ; Warhead
LaunchSW=                     ; list of superweapons
LaunchSW.RealLaunch=yes       ; bool
LaunchSW.IgnoreInhibitors=no  ; bool


AreaFire target customization

  • You can now specify how AreaFire weapon picks its target. By default it targets the base cell the firer is currently on, but this can now be changed to fire on the firer itself or at a random cell within the radius of the weapon’s Range by setting AreaFire.Target to self or random respectively.

  • AreaFire.Target=self respects normal targeting rules (Warhead Verses etc.) against the firer itself.

  • AreaFire.Target=random ignores cells that are ineligible or contain ineligible objects based on listed values in weapon’s CanTarget & CanTargetHouses.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEWEAPON]         ; WeaponType
AreaFire.Target=base ; AreaFire Target Enumeration (base|self|random)


  • Allows specifying weapon-specific burst shot delays. Takes precedence over the old BurstDelayX logic available on VehicleTypes, functions with Infantry & BuildingType weapons (AircraftTypes are not supported due to their weapon firing system being completely different) and allows every shot of Burst to have a separate delay instead of only first four shots.

  • If no delay is defined for a shot, it falls back to last delay value defined (f.ex Burst=3 and Burst.Delays=10 would use 10 as delay for all shots).

  • Using -1 as delay reverts back to old logic (BurstDelay0-3 for VehicleTypes if available or random value between 3-5 otherwise) for that shot.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEWEAPON]                 ; WeaponType
Burst.Delays=-1              ; int - burst delays (comma-separated) for shots in order from first to last.

Feedback weapon

  • You can now specify an auxiliary weapon to be fired on the firer itself when a weapon is fired.

    • FireInTransport setting of the feedback weapon is respected to determine if it can be fired when the original weapon is fired from inside OpenTopped=true transport. If feedback weapon is fired, it is fired on the transport. OpenToppedDamageMultiplier is not applied on feedback weapons.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEWEAPON]     ; WeaponType
FeedbackWeapon=  ; WeaponType

Radiation enhancements

  • Radiation now has owner by default, so any rad-kills will be scored. This behavior can be reverted by a corresponding tag.

    • AffectsAllies, AffectsOwner and AffectsEnemies on RadSiteWarhead are respected.

    • Currently the rad maker doesn’t gain experience from kills, this may change in future.

  • Radiation is now able to deal damage to Buildings. To enable set RadApplicationDelay.Building value more than 0.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEWEAPON]    ; WeaponType
Rad.NoOwner=no  ; boolean

Strafing aircraft weapon customization

Strafing aircraft weapon customization in Project Phantom

  • Some of the behavior of strafing aircraft weapons (weapon projectile has ROT below 2) can now be customized.

    • Strafing.Shots controls the number of times the weapon is fired during a single strafe run. Ammo is only deducted at the end of the strafe run, regardless of the number of shots fired. Valid values range from 1 to 5, any values smaller or larger are effectively treated same as either 1 or 5, respectively. Defaults to 5.

    • Strafing.SimulateBurst controls whether or not the shots fired during strafing simulate behavior of Burst, allowing for alternating firing offset. Only takes effect if weapon has Burst set to 1 or undefined. Defaults to false.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEWEAPON]                 ; WeaponType
Strafing.Shots=5             ; integer
Strafing.SimulateBurst=false ; bool

Trajectory speed

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEWEAPON]            ; WeaponType
Trajectory.Speed=100.0  ; double

Weapon targeting filter

  • You can now specify which targets or houses a weapon can fire at. This also affects weapon selection, other than certain special cases where the selection is fixed.

    • Note that CanTarget explicitly requires either all or empty to be listed for the weapon to be able to fire at cells containing no TechnoTypes.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEWEAPON]         ; WeaponType
CanTarget=all        ; list of Affected Target Enumeration (none|land|water|empty|infantry|units|buildings|all)
CanTargetHouses=all  ; list of Affected House Enumeration (none|owner/self|allies/ally|team|enemies/enemy|all)