What’s New

This page lists the history of changes across stable Phobos releases and also all the stuff that requires modders to change something in their mods to accomodate.


From vanilla

  • SHP debris hardcoded shadows now respect Shadow=no tag value, and due to it being the default value they wouldn’t have hardcoded shadows anymore by default. Override this by specifying Shadow=yes for SHP debris.

  • Radiation now has owner by default, which means that radiation kills will affect score and radiation field will respect Affects... entries. You can override that with rulesmd.ini->[SOMEWEAPONTYPE]->Rad.NoOwner=yes entry.

From older Phobos versions

  • Key rulesmd.ini->[SOMETECHNOTYPE]->Deployed.RememberTarget is deprecated and can be removed now, the bugfix for DeployToFire deployers is now always on.

For Map Editor (Final Alert 2)

In FAData.ini:

53=Play BuildUp,10

125=Build at...,-10,47,53,0,0,0,1,0,0,[LONG DESC]

[ScriptsRA2]   ; NEEDS FA2EXT.DLL (by AlexB) or FA2SP.DLL (by secsome)
71=Timed Area Guard,4,0,1,[LONG DESC]         ; FA2Ext.dll only
71=Timed Area Guard,20,0,1,[LONG DESC]        ; FA2sp.dll only
72=Load Onto Transports,0,0,1,[LONG DESC]
73=Wait until ammo is full,0,0,1,[LONG DESC]


Phobos fixes:

  • Fixed shield type info not saving properly (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed extended building upgrades logic not properly interacting with Ares’ BuildLimit check (by Uranusian)

  • Fix more random crashes for Cameo Priority (by Uranusian)

  • Fix aircraft weapons causing game freeze when burst index was not correctly reset after firing (by Starkku)

Phobos fixes:

  • Fixed random crashes about CameoPriority (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed trigger action 125 not functioning properly (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed area warhead detonation not falling back to firer house (by Otamaa)

  • RadSite hook adjustment for FootClass to support Ares RadImmune; also various fixes to radiation / desolators (by Otamaa)

  • Fixed Crit.Affects not functioning properly (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed improper upgrade owner transfer which resulted in built ally / enemy building upgrades keeping the player who built them alive (by Kerbiter)



  • Customizable producing progress “bars” like CnC:Remastered did (by Uranusian)

  • Customizable cameo sorting priority (by Uranusian)

  • Customizable harvester ore gathering animation (by secsome, Uranusian)

  • Allow making technos unable to be issued with movement order (by Uranusian)

Vanilla fixes:

  • Fixed non-IME keyboard input to be working correctly for languages / keyboard layouts that use character ranges other than Basic Latin and Latin-1 Supplement (by Belonit)

Phobos fixes:

  • Fixed the critical damage logic not functioning properly (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed the bug when executing the stop command game crashes (by Uranusian)

Phobos fixes:

  • Fixed occasional crashes introduced by Speed=0 stationary vehicles code (by Starkku)



  • Setting VehicleType Speed to 0 now makes game treat them as stationary (by Starkku)

Vanilla fixes:

  • Fixed the bug when after a failed placement the building/defence tab hotkeys won’t trigger placement mode again (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed the bug when building with UndeployInto plays EVA_NewRallypointEstablished while undeploying (by secsome)

Phobos fixes:

  • Fixed the bug when trigger action 125 Build At... wasn’t actually producing a building when the target cells were occupied (by secsome)



  • Shield logic for TechnoTypes (by Uranusian, secsome, Belonit) with warhead additions (by Starkku)

  • Custom Radiation Types (by AlexB, Otamaa, Belonit, Uranusian)

  • New ScriptType actions 71 Timed Area Guard, 72 Load Onto Transports, 73 Wait until ammo is full (by FS-21)

  • Ore drills now have customizable ore type, range, ore growth stage and amount of cells generated (by Kerbiter)

  • Basic projectile interception logic (by AutoGavy, ChrisLv_CN, Kerbiter, Erzoid/SukaHati)

  • Customizable harvester active/total counter next to credits counter (by Uranusian)

  • Select Next Idle Harvester hotkey command (by Kerbiter)

  • Dump Object Info hotkey command (by secsome, FS-21)

  • Remove Disguise and Remove Mind Control warhead effects (by secsome)

  • Custom per-warhead SplashLists (by Uranusian)

  • AnimList.PickRandom used to randomize AnimList with no side effects (by secsome)

  • Chance-based critical damage system on warheads (by AutoGavy)

  • Optional mind control range limit (by Uranusian)

  • Multiple mind controllers can now release units on overload (by Uranusian, secsome)

  • Spawns now can be killed on low power and have limited pursuing range (by FS-21)

  • Spawns can now have the same exp. level as owner techno (by Uranusian)

  • TurretOffset now accepts F,L,H and F,L values instead of just F value (by Kerbiter)

  • ElectricBolt arc visuals can now be disabled per-arc (by Otamaa)

  • Semantic locomotor aliases for modder convenience (by Belonit)

  • Ability to specify amount of shots for strafing aircraft and burst simulation (by Starkku)

  • Customizeable Teleport/Chrono Locomotor properties per TechnoType (by Otamaa)

  • Maximum waypoints amount increased from 702 to 2147483647 (by secsome)

  • Customizeable Missing Cameo file (by Uranusian)

Vanilla fixes:

  • Map previews with zero size won’t crash the game anymore (by Kerbiter, Belonit)

  • Tileset 255+ bridge fix (by E1 Elite)

  • Fixed fatal errors when Blowfish.dll couldn’t be registered in the system properly due to missing admin rights (by Belonit)

  • Fix to take Burst into account for aircraft weapon shots beyond the first one (by Starkku)

  • Fixed the bug when units are already dead but still in map (for sinking, crashing, dying animation, etc.), they could die again (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed the bug when cloaked Desolator was unable to fire his deploy weapon (by Otamaa)

  • Fixed the bug when InfiniteMindControl with Damage=1 will auto-release the victim to control new one (by Uranusian)

  • Fixed the bug that script action Move to cell was still using leftover cell calculations from previous games (by secsome)

  • Fixed the bug when trigger action 125 Build At... didn’t play buildup anim (by secsome)

  • Fixed DebrisMaximums (spawned debris type amounts cannot go beyond specified maximums anymore) (by Otamaa)

  • Fixes to DeployFire logic (DeployFireWeapon, FireOnce, stop command now work properly) (by Starkku)

Phobos fixes:

  • Properly rewritten a fix for mind-controlled vehicles deploying into buildings (by FS-21)

  • Properly rewritten DeployToFire fix, tag Deployed.RememberTarget is deprecated, now always on (by Kerbiter)

  • New warheads now work with Ares’ GenericWarhead superweapon (by Belonit)


  • Fixed an occasional crash when selecting units with a selection box



  • Full-color PCX graphics support (by Belonit)

  • Support for PCX loading screens of any size (by Belonit)

  • Extended sidebar tooltips with descriptions, recharge time and power consumption/generation (by Kerbiter, Belonit)

  • Selection priority filtering for box selection (by Kerbiter)

  • Shroud, reveal and money transact warheads (by Belonit)

  • Custom game icon command line arg (by Belonit)

  • Ability to disable black spawn position dots on map preview (by Belonit)

  • Ability to specify applicable building owner for building upgrades (by Kerbiter)

  • Customizable disk laser radius (by Belonit, Kerbiter)

  • Ability to switch to GDI sidebar layout for any side (by Belonit)

Vanilla fixes:

  • Deploying mind-controlled TechnoTypes won’t make them permanently mind-controlled anymore (unfinished fix by DCoder)

  • SHP debris hardcoded shadows now respect Shadow=no tag value (by Kerbiter)

  • DeployToFire vehicles won’t lose target on deploy anymore (unfinished fix by DCoder)

  • Fixed QWER hotkey tab switching not hiding the displayed tooltip as it should (by Belonit)

  • Sidebar tooltips now can go over sidebar bounds (by Belonit)

  • Lifted stupidly small limit for tooltip character amount (by Belonit)