Fixed / Improved Logics

This page describes all ingame logics that are fixed or improved in Phobos without adding anything significant.

Bugfixes and miscellaneous

  • Fixed the bug when deploying mindcontrolled vehicle into a building permanently transferred the control to the house which mindcontrolled it.

  • Fixed the bug when units are already dead but still in map (for sinking, crashing, dying animation, etc.), they could die again.

  • Fixed the bug when cloaked Desolator was unable to fire his deploy weapon.

  • SHP debris shadows now respect the Shadow tag.

  • Allowed usage of TileSet of 255 and above without making NE-SW broken bridges unrepairable.

Side offset voxel turret in Breaking Blue project

  • TurretOffset tag for voxel turreted TechnoTypes now accepts FLH (forward, lateral, height) values like TurretOffset=F,L or TurretOffset=F,L,H, which means turret location can be adjusted in all three axes.

  • InfiniteMindControl with Damage=1 can now control more than 1 unit.

  • Aircraft with Fighter set to false or those using strafing pattern (weapon projectile ROT is below 2) now take weapon’s Burst into accord for all shots instead of just the first one.

  • EMEffect used for random AnimList pick is now replaced by a new tag AnimList.PickRandom with no side effect. (EMEffect=yes on AA inviso projectile deals no damage to units in movement)

  • Script action Move to cell now obeys YR cell calculation now. Using 1000 * Y + X as its cell value. (was 128 * Y + X as it’s RA leftover)

  • The game now can reads waypoints ranges in [0, 2147483647]. (was [0,701])

  • Map trigger action 125 Build At... can now play buildup anim optionally (needs following changes to fadata.ini.

  • Vehicles using DeployFire will now explicitly use weapon specified by DeployFireWeapon for firing the deploy weapon and respect FireOnce setting on weapon and any stop commands issued during firing.

  • Fixed DebrisMaximums (spawned debris type amounts cannot go beyond specified maximums anymore). Only applied when DebrisMaximums values amount is more than 1 for compatibility reasons.

  • Fixed building and defense tab hotkeys not enabling the placement mode after Cannot build here. triggered and the placement mode cancelled.

  • Fixed building with UndeployInto plays EVA_NewRallypointEstablished while undeploying

Nod arty keeping target on attack order in C&C: Reloaded

  • Vehicle to building deployers now keep their target when deploying with DeployToFire.


Customizable Teleport/Chrono Locomotor settings per TechnoType

Chrono Legionnaire and Ronco (hero) from YR:New War

  • You can now specify Teleport/Chrono Locomotor settings per TechnoType to override default rules values. Unfilled values default to values in [General].

  • Only applicable to Techno that have Teleport/Chrono Locomotor attached.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMETECHNO]            ; TechnoType
WarpOut=                ; Anim (played when Techno warping out)
WarpIn=                 ; Anim (played when Techno warping in)
WarpAway=               ; Anim (played when Techno chronowarped by chronosphere)
ChronoTrigger=          ; boolean, if yes then delay varies by distance, if no it is a constant
ChronoDistanceFactor=   ; integer, amount to divide the distance to destination by to get the warped out delay
ChronoMinimumDelay=     ; integer, the minimum delay for teleporting, no matter how short the distance
ChronoRangeMinimum=     ; integer, can be used to set a small range within which the delay is constant
ChronoDelay=            ; integer, delay after teleport for chronosphere

Kill spawns on low power

  • Powered=yes structures that spawns aircraft like Aircrafts Carriers will stop targeting the enemy if low power.

  • Spawned aircrafts self-destruct if they are flying.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMESTRUCTURE]       ; BuildingType
Powered.KillSpawns=no ; boolean


Customizable ore spawners

Different ore spawners in Rise of the East mod

  • You can now specify which type of ore certain TerrainType would generate.

  • It’s also now possible to specify a range value for an ore generation area different compared to standard 3x3 rectangle. Ore will be uniformly distributed across all affected cells in a spread range.

  • You can specify which ore growth stage will be spawned and how much cells will be filled with ore per ore generation animation. Corresponding tags accept either a single integer value or two comma-separated values to allow randomized growth stages from the range (inclusive).

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMETERRAINTYPE]             ; TerrainType
SpawnsTiberium.Type=0         ; tiberium/ore type index
SpawnsTiberium.Range=1        ; integer, radius in cells
SpawnsTiberium.GrowthStage=3  ; single int / comma-sep. range
SpawnsTiberium.CellsPerAnim=1 ; single int / comma-sep. range


Customizable disk laser radius


  • You can now set disk laser animation radius using a new tag.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEWEAPON]          ; WeaponType
DiskLaser.Radius=38.2 ; floating point value
                      ; 38.2 is roughly the default saucer disk radius

Toggle-able ElectricBolt visuals

  • You can now specify individual ElectricBolt bolts you want to disable. Note that this is only a visual change.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEWEAPONTYPE]       ; WeaponType
IsElectricBolt=true    ; an ElectricBolt Weapon, vanilla tag
Bolt.Disable1=false    ; boolean
Bolt.Disable2=false    ; boolean
Bolt.Disable3=false    ; boolean