Fixed / Improved Logics

This page describes all ingame logics that are fixed or improved in Phobos without adding anything significant.

Bugfixes and miscellanous

  • Fixed the bug when deploying mindcontrolled vehicle into a building permanently trasferred the control to the house which mindcontrolled it.

    • Currently doesn’t work with superweapons attached to the deployed building or similiar logics.

  • SHP debris shadows now respect the Shadow tag.


Customizable disk laser radius

  • You can now set disk laser animation radius using a new tag.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEWEAPON]          ; WeaponType
DiskLaser.Radius=38.2 ; floating point value
                      ; 38.2 is roughly the default saucer disk radius

Remember target when deployed

Vehicle keeping target after deployed to building in C&C: Reloaded

  • Vehicle to building deployers can now keep their target when deploying.

In rulesmd.ini:

[SOMEVEHICLE]              ; TechnoType
Deployed.RememberTarget=no ; boolean